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What is the best water to drink?

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Amanda H Young
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We drink water pumped from a local spring since it is naturally filtered, alkaline, and has minerals needed by the body. www.findaspring.com to locate a source near you.
The high pH of 7.2 or more is great for your body to promote healing.

Angela Mari
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I LOVE this thread - I'm learning of some options I hadn't considered myself.

For many of my clients, especially those in the early stages of their functional/holistic health journey, I start with some easy transitions like filtered instead of tap > then perhaps we talk about reverse osmosis or easy solutions like Zerowater filter & adding minerals back in with trace mineral drops or infusions > then maybe we talk about the Berkey water system & other larger-scale solutions. Some grocery-store suggestions (the tree-hugger in me cringes) include Fiji, The Mountain Valley Spring Water, Virginia Artesian, etc.

And like many who posted before me, water is a beautifully sensitive medium...so affected by energy & intention. Even less-than-ideal water can be improved with loving intention.

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This is a great question. Our family uses a reverse osmosis unit in our home and we are thankful for it. I do also send love and blessings to my water with my hands and connect energetically with the water before I drink it. Doing this before you eat and drink is super helpful, as water is living and so are we ( and the water within us).

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Structured water I think is best. There are ways of making it yourself and plenty of demonstrative videos online. One company that I know did the research, and incorporated what is known about the properties and physics of water, is Crystal Blue Water Structuring Unit. There are no filters or screens, only a concept and understanding of water as living. Not sure of the process, but tests and individual research shows the results. Everything flourishes better with structured water. I believe there may be some cavitation going on where the molecules implode on themselves and release whatever frequency it was holding, but I truly wouldn't know. Some people do some additional filtration before processing the water through the watering unit, but I feel the same effects just using structured water alone.

Gregory Hoeper

Water has to be able to form the 4th phase of water, called E-Z water. There is a book called "The Fourth Phase of Water" by Gerald Pollack if you need to know the scientific reasons. Any water that has been chlorinated can not form crystals correctly when it freezes. In this case, the water must be reverse osmosed. So, the best water to drink is untreated natural spring water that is running (think a natural spring) since it is already in the E-Z form. After that, water processed from reverse osmosis.

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I think plain water is best. Mine is filtered because our water system is old. I don't think you really need any of the "fancy" waters, and unless your public works says to, you don't need bottled water at all.

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