I invite you to slow down for just a moment to consider-- from a Spiritual Perspective - what purpose the Coronavirus might be serving.

Because from a Spiritual Perspective, everything in life, no matter how dire or tragic, is calling us to become more Loving, Happy, Healthy, Kind, and Aware human beings.

So, what IF this event is simply a call beckoning us to Higher Consciousness? Ultimately in service to helping us live our best lives?

COVID-19 is a serious health issue. No doubt about it. And right now, being mindful is key-- with a willingness to approach this issue with thoughtfulness, wisdom, and a bit of higher perspective.

So, before we continue, let's lay out the feet-on-the-ground facts:

1. This virus is one of the most widespread diseases in history, affecting over 100 countries and territories so far. A global issue.

2. The elderly (80+) and people with compromised health are most at risk (appears more common among people with diabetes, cardiovascular, respiratory issues, or high blood pressure).


3. At present, the mortality rate is averaging around 3.4% (on the high end). [Which is actually really low compared to some of the other virus outbreaks we've had in the past such as Ebola (average 50%), the bird flu (about 60%), MERS (35%), SARS (9.6%), etc.]

4. About 80% of the people who get the virus will get what feels like a bad cold and recover at home. Many people who contract it may not even know they have it.

5. You can transmit the virus even if asymptomatic:

  • This virus has an incubation period of up to 14 days.
  • This virus can live on surfaces for several days.

6. China has contained the virus. New cases have substantially dropped, which is great news.

This is not a time to be complacent-- containment of this virus is of utmost importance. It is a time to pay attention, be proactive, and take necessary and wise precautions (which you can find at https://www.cdc.gov/) to care for ourselves, our families, friends and those we don't even know.

Cultivating more consideration and respect for others (and ourselves of course) is a very large call to action. In the simplest sense, a conscious call to:

  • Keep our hands thoroughly washed and off our face
  • To stay home
  • By all means not cough or sneeze on someone else
  • To practice physical distancing--not out of fear--but out of respect, with the spirit of "You are important and I care about You"
  • To educate ourselves about taking our health and well being into our own hands
  • To realize that we need to be protective of spreading this virus to others unknowingly, instead of just focusing on the fact that we feel fine.

Realize that there is more to this issue than just worrying about ourselves.

These things may seem like common sense, but I'd venture to say there is an unprecedented opportunity here... to be more personally & socially responsible, caring, loving, conscious human beings.

This widespread hoarding of health supplies and food that we ALL need is a clear demonstration of the unconscious fear, panic, and selfishness we currently face on this planet. It is insanity. This me and mine vs. them kind of thinking is the crux of all issues around the globe. These are unconscious reactions. What we need is to respond from a Higher Consciousness of love and respect for others. Sharing and caring.

This virus is an opportunity-- a wake-up call of literally global proportions. And if we don't start listening and responding, these wake calls will continue to become bigger until we do. No one is exempt. We need to realize we are all in this together. We are in fact, All One.

It's important to recognize that being proactive and paying attention is very different than operating from a place of fear. Fear suppresses the immune system. Positivity, peace, and feelings of love, strengthen the immune system.

And from a Spiritual Perspective, the biggest issue we currently face on the planet is the pervasiveness of fear. Fear is at the root of all stress and worry, selfishness and greed... which all bring out the worst in human nature. Living in fear signifies a deep disconnection from our true nature and source. A Spiritual Hunger.

I challenge you to view the current pandemic in new ways. Find positive outlets on the internet to witness the beautiful demonstrations of Love happening around the globe. There are amazing acts of human kindness and words of profound wisdom arising from this call to consciousness. This wave of higher love is SO uplifting, inspiring, and heartwarming. Please look for, focus upon, and share THESE demonstrations of Love and calls to Higher Consciousness, for this my friends IS the purpose and the why of this event! This is our True Nature being called forth!

So, from the Highest Perspective, this is most definitely an exciting time... pregnant with purpose. We have the potential to co-create unprecedented, exponential positive change. Let's each do our best to ride this wave, uplift the consciousness of humanity, and be a part of the solution.

We can help this process along by choosing where we place our attention. Staying educated is important but swallowing too many predictions about where this virus might lead will grow our consciousness in the exact wrong direction. If we have mass consciousness focused on certain predictions, we are much more likely to make those horrors come true. But of course, this works both ways.

With that said, I encourage you to engage in the global prayer & meditation opportunities that are beginning to emerge, which are proven to affect mass consciousness in positive ways. We are SO much more powerful than we realize!

The truth is, the more we listen and respond with conscious awareness and care, the gentler the process of our evolution will be--individually and globally. And let us endeavor to implement what we've learned after the dust has settled... when things return to "normal"... not just for now as a stop gap in a time of crisis.

I encourage you to always appreciate the days, the moments, the magic, and all of the beauty and love and loved ones in your life... to courageously go after your dreams and deepest heart's desires... so when your day does come, you will have lived your best, most fulfilling life.

Please take excellent, educated care of yourself and your family and please leave plenty of room in your heart for others. And in these days ahead, may you allow yourself to smile and laugh, express love and be joyful, for the world needs your positive energy right now!

May we honor all of the lives we've lost by allowing this experience to carry us all to new heights of consciousness... so that we may all ultimately enjoy a happier, healthier, more peaceful world.







6. https://www.who.int/news-room/fact-sheets/detail/ebola-virus-disease