No matter what type of acupuncture you choose to use, the first time you see an acupuncturist, the session will include an interview. The interview will help the acupuncturist create a customized and personalized treatment plan for your health and wellness needs.

In this article, we are going to explore what questions you may encounter during the interview process.

The Interview and your First Acupuncture Session: What to Expect

The interview process is very important to how the acupuncturist develops and formulates an acupuncture treatment plan for you and the reason or symptoms that have led you to seek acupuncture treatment. The interview process is vital to the acupuncturist determining which acupuncture points may best serve you in a treatment plan. It also helps to get an idea for how many sessions will be required or the frequency of sessions.

Up next, how should you answer the questions an acupuncturist asks during the interview process of your first session?

Honesty is the Best Policy

Each question asked by the acupuncturist is meant to gain more information about you and the symptoms you are experiencing. When answering questions, you should do your best to answer each question with as much detail and honesty as you can. Honesty is the best policy. Why? The more honest and open you are, the more accurate and comprehensive diagnosis and treatment plan the acupuncturist will be able to devise for you.

Are Acupuncture Interview Questions Always the Same?

When you start the interview with an acupuncturist, it is important to know that the questions that you will be asked will differ from acupuncturist to acupuncturist. Why? Because each acupuncturist will have have a different:

  1. Personality

  2. Training

So the questions you are asked during the interview process may have different wordings and the questions you are asked may be asked in a different order. However, there are standard questions that are asked.

16 Questions you may be Asked

Here are sixteen questions that you may be asked during the interview process of your first acupuncture appointment and session:

  1. What is your main complaint?

  2. What is the main reason why you are seeking acupuncture?

  3. What can you tell me about your health history? (Although clumped into one question, this question may be broken down into more detailed questions.)

  4. Do you take any medications?

  5. If you take, medications, you will be asked questions about each one.

  6. Do you take any supplements?

  7. Do you use other forms of treatment?

  8. Do you see any other types of doctors, therapists, or practitioners?

  9. What can you tell me about your sleeping patterns?

  10. What can you tell me about your digestive system?

  11. Do you ever have any gut related symptoms?

  12. What can you tell me about your urinary and bowel functions?

  13. What would you like to share about your sexual function?

  14. What can you tell me about your emotions and emotional health?

  15. How do you feel about your mental health?

  16. If you are a woman, what can you tell me about your monthly menstrual period?

Some of the questions may not seem connected to the main reason why you are seeking acupuncture treatment. However, your body and all of its functions are all connected. So even if a question does not seem relevant, answer it with honesty and as much detail as you can.

What to Expect at Other Aspects of Acupuncture Treatment

Now that you have a better understanding of what questions you may encounter, during the interview process of your first acupuncture session, what else might you experience your first acupuncture session? To find out, read: What is Acupuncture Treatment Like?

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