Can an acupuncturist help me lose weight? -
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Can an acupuncturist help me lose weight?

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Dr. Kimberly LeHew
I help clients achieve their best health by reversing chronic health conditions, activating healing and learning how to thrive by natural laws. Achieve improvements beyond your expectations. Experience healing and have lifelong health while walking with the limitless power of Christ.

Achieving your ideal weight is a straightforward journey when approached holistically. My focus extends beyond weight loss to include nutrition, emotional well-being, and mental health, leading to lasting and sustainable results. Having triumphed over my own eating disorder and inner struggles, I've learned that the path to optimal weight and wellness is a natural process rooted in understanding cellular rejuvenation and adhering to natural laws.

There's a three-stage process for optimal health and weight, often overlooked amidst the quick-fix industry. While there are no shortcuts, my program has shown that individuals can transform their health within four months, embracing their ideal weight and adopting a lifestyle they can truly enjoy. Individual results may vary based on genetic predispositions, but by following a gentle and natural program that addresses all organ systems and respects natural laws, remarkable progress is achievable.

Dr. Paul Finucan D C
Our goal is to provide an integrated alternative approach focused on the health and well being of our patients.


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