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Can a ketogenic diet help me lose weight?

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Sara Callahan
Many of us are pressured to believe we'll have to cut out our favorite foods or starve ourselves to get the body we want. I support people to get the body they want by eating the food they love.

Any diet can help support weight loss, if you're in a caloric deficit and you're able to adhere to it consistently. So, it's not critical that you do Keto, specifically, to see results, and in fact, for many, the Keto diet is difficult to follow because it is so limiting and prevents many from actually getting into Ketosis.

If you're open to suggestion, to support weight loss, you'll want to make sure that you're simply eating in a caloric deficit. This can be difficult to have exact math around, but you can start by taking your body weight and multiplying by 13. So, if you weigh 150, you can start with 1950 total calories per day and see what happens. If you're losing between 0.5-1 pound per week, that's perfect! If it's much more or much less than that, adjust your calories by 50 either way until you get to that rate of loss.

And, as mentioned above, sustainability and consistency with whatever food plan you choose is KEY! Being able to adhere to it on a regular basis is what is key to long term success. For many, this means purposely including foods they enjoy, as opposed to limiting entire food groups, as Keto tends to do.
Hope this helps! Feel free to reach out with any other questions!

Sara Schultz, CPC, ELI-MP, EDIT Certified
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The Keto diet, like many other diets, has not been proven to be effective for long term weight loss. Our bodies have a set point, where they settle. This would be somewhere between your highest or most sedentary weight, and your lowest or most working out / eating less weight. Your body will work hard to restore its set point, which is why many people regain the weight and more after stopping a diet. I highly recommend reading health at every size, and if you’re working with feelings of self loathing / low self esteem around body size, there are professional supports who can help with that.

David & Abigail Gonzales
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If you're going to roll with the Keto diet, DO NOT consume any sugars or as Sam stated any refined and starchy carbs. Know this, when you achieve ketosis, dependant on your body type, it may not do too well if you stay in Ketosis for too long. You'll have to play with it and listen to your body.

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