The idea that there are many things wrong with you that need to be fixed may be a fundamentally dysfunctional approach to healing. If you start with a belief that you are not OK, you live from a place of discouragement. You then must find the energy and external and internal resources to improve your current state, to feel better. No wonder it feels overwhelming.

A more helpful approach may be to know, at your core, that you are exactly who you are and should be. My mentor says: “We are whole, complete, and lacking in nothing.” By choosing to believe in your fundamental goodness and wholeness, your path to wellness is a way to know yourself more clearly and more deeply.

We do become confused, of course, by the traumas of our past and current lives, complicated by messages and lessons we’ve been immersed in from our families and cultures. Our energy is consumed by fighting off threats and carrying burdens, and we rarely find the space to lick our wounds and recover. Or we may have gone so far past knowing or believing in ourselves that we no longer look for possibility or magic in our day to day experience of life.

So what does it mean to heal?

I believe healing is about being fully who you are, and experiencing life as you prefer it. It is knowing and finding the choices that fulfill you. It is living in inner peace, and receiving and giving love. It is completely unique to you.

How do you achieve healing?

Besides the spiritual knowing of who you truly are, the journey to healing is divided between learning to avoid and remove the toxins of life, and healing the traumas you’ve experienced. Healing happens at many levels: in your body, family, mind, spirit. In many of these areas it is helpful to seek the knowledge and skills of others. The good news is that there is so much known about how to live a healthy life, and there are so many healers who can help you on your path.

The philosophy of Wellness Elements is that you are the ultimate authority in your life. You are the one to guide what you want and need. Healing professionals are here to help you execute what you want to achieve, and help you remove the burdens that no longer serve you.

We believe that in the process of living your life you were always making decisions in your best interest. Those decisions and thoughts formed in the past may no longer serve you today, and you can find and create new decisions and new thoughts and new ways of being in the world. The trauma you carry in your body and mind can be released. You can live in ways that are what you really want.

We also believe that healing is a process, and that one healing experience allows you to be more open to the next. Emotional healing can lead to physical healing, spiritual healing can lead to mental healing, and all variations, as you peel back the layers to unveil your authentic self and create the person you want to be.

At Wellness Elements we work together as a team because human beings are best in community and are created to learn from and give to each other. We have the diversity of gifts needed to best serve the complex being you are. And we support each other so that we also can be healed, and be better at what we do.

It is our joy and honor to be with you on your journey, to offer our service to the higher good in your life. We will enjoy getting to know you.