Meal planning for people with diabetes is focused on limiting calories while maintaining healthy blood sugar levels. Whether you’re trying to prevent or control diabetes, your nutritional needs don’t require new or “special” food, but you do need to pay attention to your food choices, especially carbohydrates.

OPTAVIA’s plans are a good fit because they incorporate eating small meals frequently. Also, all Fuelings are carbohydrate-controlled and generally lower in fat, which makes them a healthy choice for people living with diabetes. Here are some additional tips for managing diabetes with your diet:

Eat every two – three hours. Eating small meals every two – three hours allows for carbohydrates and protein to be spaced evenly throughout the day. Your body is able to better regulate blood sugar levels and support weight loss when you have maintain a regular meal schedule.
Keep calorie intake consistent. To help regulate blood sugar levels, try to eat about the same amount every day, rather than overeating one day and skipping meals the next.
Vary your protein. Mixing up your protein options between skinless chicken, lean beef, eggs, fish, and vegetarian options can help reduce unhealthy fats and add healthy fats.
Keep a food journal. Keeping track of your food intake enhances awareness of what you’re eating and makes it easier to identify any corrections that should be made to your diet. Try using an app that provides specific calorie and macronutrient counts so you can easily pinpoint your habits and make choices in a mindful way.
It is essential that you contact your healthcare provider to determine which options are best for you. It is also very important that you monitor your blood sugar levels frequently throughout the fat burning stage, as your medications may need to be adjusted. Work with your healthcare provider and OPTAVIA Coach to find the best Plan for you based on your medical needs. 

Ask me, your OPTAVIA Coach, about which Plan may be best for you on your journey to lifelong transformation, one healthy habit at a time™.