Cancer is becoming such a common issue these days I decided to learn a bit more about what alternative healers are saying. I recently read the book Cancer: Fight It with the Blood Type Diet, by Dr Peter D’Adamo, whose father discovered that people are healthier if they eat specific foods depending on their blood type. The Eat Right for your Type book gives the foundation of this theory, but this book gets into the specific targeted herbs, foods and lifestyle suggestions that help prevent cancer by building your immune system and gives immune support for someone going through cancer treatment. In this book they are bold enough to say they have discovered that there is a blood type or two that are more prone to getting cancer than others. This is above and beyond the standard family history, do you smoke, are you obese or live a sedentary life, etc. indicators. Could you be born with a higher risk of cancer than others? They feel your blood type is integral to the health of your immune system. The immune system protects your body from invaders that are not “self” such as carcinogens and toxins. Without this the body would start attacking itself or allow dangerous organisms in. The immune system basically identifies “us” and kills “them.” Our blood type has antigens and so do other bacteria and things that enter our body. We also have anti-blood type antibodies which are quick acting instead of just tagging things for white blood cells to kill. That is why blood transfusions can be deadly. Blood type O carries Anti-A & Anti-B antibodies, so they can take blood from anyone but O type. Blood type AB can take anyone’s blood since they don’t carry any anti-blood type antibodies, so they can take transfusions from anyone. There is a lot more to this, but to get to the answer of the first question, yes, D’Adamo believes that Blood type A and AB bodies create a more fertile body to grow cancer cells because the cancer antigen is closest to the blood type A antigen so A’s and AB’s immune system think of them as “self” and don’t attack them. This doesn’t mean that people with blood type B & O are not going to get cancer. Cells still get damaged and create mutant cells that create issues. Also, if you are A or AB it doesn’t mean you will for sure get cancer. There are things you can do to prevent it. 

  1.  Strengthen your immunity by ridding your body of toxins. 
  2. Change your diet to work with the natural blood type specific lectins that agglutinate and destroy damaged cells. 
  3. Reduce the damaging side effects of radiation and chemotherapy. The book lists by blood type certain foods, supplements and lifestyle changes that can help prevent and support your immune system. I

f you or someone you know is dealing with cancer, let them know there is hope.