Qigong has been around for thousands of years. The movements are designed to move qi in a way that opens the blockages inside the body. These movements also nourish the organs, lift your spirit, and help calm the mind. Qigong practice is an exercise that helps woman to become aware of their body's internal qi or energy.

Cultivation of Qi starts an amazing process of healing and life prolonging science. We replenish our qi with the food we eat, the air we breathe, and the water we drink. The need for these to be as pure as possible is very important. To cultivate Qi we only need to learn to relax our bodies and practice these ancient movements and meditation that have been past down for over seven thousand year's. The cultivation of qi takes the energy you bring in and purify's and refines it to a higher level. This simple life science gives your inner being the nourishment it needs to blossom and grow. With continued practice you become more aware of who you really are. Your self confidence as well as your ability to maintain an even balance of the emotional, physical and spiritual bodies naturally develop.

Woman are beautiful beings that thrive when joy, love and compassion radiates from their hearts and bodies. The practice of Qigong automatically brings these up for you to nourish and embrace. Deep rooted emotions that do not nourish the body will be brought out to deal with. Qigong practice will give you the strength to release and move forward in your own power. Confidence in who you really are and the potential you possess, but have not yet explored.

I sincerely believe Qigong practice helps woman get in touch with themselves - physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

In many cultures, woman are linked to flowers, it is good to be identified with such beauty. If your goal is to preserve health and beauty, be In touch with your inner self, and live from a place of peace and balance, then learn the theory behind qigong, practice persistently and your goals will be achieved.