Qigong is an ancient Chinese form of exercise that is simple, gentle and easy. It was developed for the Shaolin monks to maintain their physical health after it had been declining due to constant sitting in meditation. Qigong can be considered a form of moving meditation. The movements activate acupoints and meridians in the body and can lead to calming and cooling or energizing and warming up. 

Breathing is coordinated with the movements, which helps keep the movements slow and clear the mind. By concentrating on the form, as well as the breath, we have no room left for stray thoughts and the "monkey mind" becomes quiet.

The practitioner becomes aware of the life energy, Qi, in the body and in the natural environment. We learn to free the energy flow of any blockages in the meridians, increase our personal energy, and share the energy within the class. The exercises are fun and can be done sitting or standing, depending on the abilities of the student. 

There is no straining or pushing the limits, movement is to be done within the student’s comfortable range of motion, which gradually and naturally increases with practice. Forms are nature based, with names such as ocean breathing, white crane spreads wings, butterfly dances before flower - and more. 

Healing sounds are also incorporated into some of the classes. Sound helps free energy and break up negativity, especially when the sound is generated within the body. Students find the classes relaxing, fun, and very effective at relieving stress. 

Students learn to clear, balance, and increase your energy, root-ground-and purge negativity, and improve your overall health and well-being. Qigong is easy, simple, and gentle - yet extremely powerful. No prior experience or special clothing or equipment is needed. Although we build upon what we learn each week, the class is always open to first time students. Regular practitioners benefit from each class and learn something new as their WeiQi (personal energy) fields become stronger.

Some of the forms practiced are: Nine Circles of Peace, Prayer Wheel, Eight Brocades of Silk, Grounding Rooting and Purging, Energy Shield, and more! These forms are excellent for people who suffer from chronic physical issues like fibromyalgia or who are recovering from medical procedures. If you can not move a body part you can still move the energy of that part. These forms can be considered as "acupuncture without needles". Students report sleeping well the night after class and feeling relaxed and stress free!