Oriental medicine has at least a 5000-year history and is based on the philosophy of being balanced, both in the nature and the human body. Health is defined as when each organ of the body is balanced and harmonious with each other. There is not too much of one nor too less of another illness occurs when this balance is broken, and the approach of acupuncture and herbal therapy is to restore this inner balance. The famous saying goes like this ”when there is blockage there is pain, when there is no blockage there is no pain.” Pain is the result of the bad flow in the body like the stagnation to the running water.

            Oriental medicine is becoming widely accepted as the primary approach to medicine in other parts to medicine in other parts of the country. California, New York, Michigan, New Mexico and Connecticut are a few of the states where Oriental medicine is growing in popularity.

            Unfortunately, many of Joy’s patients come to her as a last resort after exhausting all treatment options of Western medicine. Most times, patients are frustrated and angry from suffering from pain over a long period of time. These emotions impose more disharmonies in the organs and create new symptoms. It may also affect the way the body reacts to the conventional treatments by bringing the illness to a deeper level.

There are many improved patients and successful cases, which Joy has treated. She has relieved neck pain for a patient who had been suffering for 25 years. Another patient’s cholesterol count was lowered by 30 points in a two-month period with herbal therapy. A soccer player with a sprained ankle was able to return to the playing field by the weekend.

In the East women of all ages have found Oriental medicine to be the best answer for gynecology problems, ranging from infertility to menopause. Infant patients with colic have found relief from digestive problems. Patients with addictions are known t have stopped smoking or controlled weight through Oriental medicine.

During her internship, Joy had a patient that had broken vertebras in her neck. With acupuncture treatment, the patient gained strength, began to hold her head straighter and gained slight feeling in her legs and feet. 

“I have found that practicing Oriental medicine is very rewarding.” Said Joy. “I like to see my patients walk out the door with relief from pain and anger, with hope in their eyes. I want everyone to just make an appointment to learn about the healing options available through herb therapy and acupuncture treatments. You are so much happier when your body is working in balance and harmony.