Let's face the facts. Diet indiscretion is an obstacle to cure.
You think you don't have time to eat right or even the money to do so but what it truly is a simple fact that we don't want to take the time to invest in cooking for ourselves and providing nourishing meals before we head out for the day. It is all too common. "I'll just grab something quick today"
I can say this because even being home every day, it becomes mundane. I have to simply face the fact that I'm not taking responsibility for healthy eating and "grabbing something while I'm out" is putting my health into someone else's hands. Because let's look at this. We're always looking for time. Time tends to elude us. I honestly don't know where the day goes so I look at ways to cut corners and make quick meals or if we have to leave, grab a bite to eat. I am setting myself up every time.
My body is highly sensitive and indiscretion eating causes me physical ailments. While they seem to be acute, I know I've got to be "real" about this. Waking up in the middle of the night sweating because my body is trying to deal with a crap ingredient(s) isn't pleasant but it's a grand reminder that I need to make a conscious effort to nourish my body!
For me, I don't do this very often so my body recovers quickly but what about those that do this daily?
Overload on office cookies or donuts? Stopping by Starbucks for a "quick fix"? We've just got to quit doing this and have more self-control.
So let's gain real responsibility of our lives. I do notice that when my clients begin to become in balance, they will start noticing the indiscretions more and want to move into a more positive lifestyle.
You always have the option of a crock pot and meal prep for the week. We just need to make up our minds and do this. You really are in control, you just have to do it.

Obstacle to Cure: that which hinders or prevents cure or recovery from an illness or injury.