What does vastness actually mean?

First, let me describe to you how Homeopathy works. Homeopathy works with the law of similars. Matching the symptoms of a medicine tested on healthy humans to the individual seeking treatment as a "Like cures like". More specifically we use the totality of a clients symptoms and match their complete symptom profile to the profile of a remedy.
3 people with hayfever could have 3 different remedies depending upon their symptom picture. I actually made a whole slew of chickens sick once giving them outdated grain. They had varying responses to the "illness". Some respiratory, other digestive, etc. It was a troubling time scratching my head but as a Homeopath, I understand that I treat the present symptoms per bird.
Back to the word vastness. Vastness means very great extent or size; immensity. I feel there's no place homeopathy can't reach because it is triggering a response from an organism. This response can change all the layers of a person and thus we use the word, totality.
Say for example, I had a wrist issue. My mental clarity was better after the remedy I took for my wrist. That's because my body was responding to my mental and emotional state.
Our bodies are excellent communicators. When there's something wrong, it lets us know. It's not punishing us. It's probably been dealing with a lot this whole time but because a reversal or change has not been met, it continued down the road of un-health.

Homeopathy triggers a reversal response.

With my wrist situation, I found the remedy on my physical symptoms alone but my mental/emotional symptoms got better after the correct remedy was found (it took me three tries). Not only did my wrist get better but it aided in a deep healing event that was triggered by my primary remedy! My body just let me know.. "Hey you! It's time to go to a different remedy because this event that triggered a repressed emotional response which has come to the surface."


Like I explained, it took me 3 tries to get the right remedy to help my wrist. It's not your homeopath's responsibility to chase you down and make sure the remedy is working so if you feel like nothing has happened after a few days, then contact your homeopath. They may need to change the remedy or after talking with you find that other corrective matters were more important at the time and you're body will get to it.
Consider it a partnership while working with a homeopath. It's important you communicate clearly and when necessary to your homeopath. If you're not sure, contact your homeopath anyway.


When you sign up for a homeopathic consultation, you get the initial consult that last 2-4 hours. I'm being realistic with the time. I'm not like a doctor who takes down your symptoms and sends you on your way with a prescription. I listen to you and may give feedback.
At the appointment, I schedule a one-month follow-up with you and tell you if you need to know something or tell me something then email me in between. Most of the time I can determine if you need to talk to me, I need to make changes or if it's something you're flowing through after the remedy.

The Flower of Life package is my Cadillac. It starts with a homeopathic consultation but is beefed up by the flower essence system, 32 page workbook and journaling. You get 5 months of my time.