Do you find yourself deeply questioning your role in this amazing and complex drama called life? Do you feel more dedicated to beauty and more fiercely protective of it? Have you been honoring your emotional sensitivity and allowing yourself to laugh and cry? Are you feeling called to spiritual activism and the sanctity of community? You are not alone as we reach out to one another. So much has happened in just this past year, from the #MeToo movement to the #MarchForOurLives, where both young women and men are expressing their voices for justice and peaceful action while calling out abusive perpetrators. For those of us of who are older, standing firm in our own authority and convictions is needed to cheer on those stepping in. Radical trust is also required as we articulate and share our anguish that is often mistaken for anger. This essential grief that lies just below the surface of our humanity can be the chariot that carries us to collective healing. The turmoil that many are experiencing could actually be the world evolving and giving birth to itself. Our nervous and musculoskeletal systems may be over-firing as we experience our own evolutionary growing pains. Our numerous stress disorders may be the result of “downloading” higher frequency energy that can be felt within the heart. What if emotional and physical conflict is an expression of these new frequencies as we adapt to more complex levels of consciousness? So, how do we take care of ourselves during these awakening times when our personal lives may seem to demand so much from us? We might not be able to do it all, but we can start by centering ourselves. When we can find that place of stillness, we can start letting go of what no longer serves us and begin simplifying our lives. If situations become too taxing, let them go—or negotiate for change or seek help. It may be time to redefine and reorient your life’s mission. Why are you here at this time doing what you’re doing? What do you dream about? What makes you come alive? You already know so much more than you think you do. Your passion and aliveness are crucial to inspire the vulnerable and those newly on the path. Together, in love, we are a force to be reckoned with. Linda Joy Stone, OMD, L.Ac., offers one-hour Akashic readings or a two-hour session that includes an Akashic reading with acupuncture. She combines her 22-year experience of reading the Akashic Records with her nearly three decades practicing Chinese Medicine. Connect at