What a thrilling and perplexing time to be alive—enmeshed within the dynamic high tech-information age! There is so much material being revealed and downloaded from cloud-based systems that it’s challenging to discern what is valid and what isn’t, yet discernment is what’s called for. The Akashic or Unity Field is like a cosmic internet or infinite cloud where past-present-future knowledge is stored and can be accessed through intention or prayer. How cool is that? What’s called for in this universal, non-linear spectrum are succinct questions and a reliable reader/interpreter to impart images and insights that are relevant to the questioner. Many of us are questioning consensus reality, what we observe and read, and possibly all that we’ve been taught to believe. It can feel like the known world has been turned inside out and we are just awakening from a long, foggy slumber. This can feel destabilizing to those who feel confused and in question. However, we have to weather the turbulence if we are to evolve as an intelligent species. What if information or a deeper, more experiential form of knowledge is crucial to our healing and growth as humans? Jesuit philosopher, Teilhard de Chardin, believed knowledge to be the next phase of human evolution and postulated a sphere or stage of evolutionary development that he called the “noosphere” that is dominated by consciousness, the mind, and interpersonal relationships. The Akashic Field or Akashic Records are similarly referred to as a sphere of knowledge where past, present and future information is stored and can be retrieved. We are asked to trust in the guides of this domain to release what is pertinent to our soul’s development. The Records offer insight into our human struggles and empower us to trust in our own authority and resilience. Our human/spiritual journey is only as effortful or effortless as we choose to make it. There are no wrong paths! Living in a world that is dominated by material, evidence-based thinking, it can be very challenging to describe the unseen world of energy. We want “to know”, to figure out, to make sense of the universe and are quick to dismiss or deny what we cannot see or yet understand. Many have come to deny what they do not like scorning any further investigation or fact-finding. We humans have always lived with the absurdity and irony of life known as paradox that the ancient Taoists so poetically expressed through the Tao de Ching. Some cultures call on crazy wisdom mystics, the shaman, fool or trickster to address the riddles of being human and help us navigate life through humor and awareness. These are rousing times as we become more aware of experiencing multiple states of energy—be it through dreaming, psychoactive drug states, shamanism, spiritual or sexual ecstasy, dance, martial arts, music, etc. These expanded states of letting go of our safe mindsets provide glimpses of the infinite and our relationship with everything. We have been gifted the opportunity and freedom this life to explore realms yet unknown and are on an accelerated learning course...if we choose to accept it. The criteria for entering this new territory is curiosity, the desire to evolve and the willingness to release habituated belief or fear that may have served us well...until now. Accessing the Akashic Field of consciousness can help us heal from our restrictive, limited thinking and evolve through enhanced understanding transmitted through one’s heart. The operative concept is in simplicity—simply opening one’s heart to the infinite and being willing to receive begins the journey. Accompanying the marvels of the information age are also extreme complexities and the resultant feeling of overwhelm and frustration. It can feel like too much is happening at once. The finite human brain has been wired for the seriousness and precision of navigating earth time and is being called to accelerated duties. In contrast, the infinite wisdom of the heart is accommodating and expressing the myriad emotions of love, joy and sorrow. Living in excess of too much mental or too much emotional can lead to illness. Humans need the Yin/Yang balance of heart and mind—a coherent “heartmind”—to function effectively in the world. So, here we are in the midst of cultural and human evolution that appears both perilous and promising. Our very survival may be at stake calling upon us to be courageous, adaptable and willing to take the leap into the great unknown. Our healing and that of our planet is knowing who we are and being in kinship with all that is. It is time to incorporate into our future now Akashic Medicine that essentially liberates the mind from limiting constructs, opens the heart center and allows healing energy to flow more fluidly within the body. Can you imagine a world where we exist simply in harmony with the natural world and cosmic consciousness? Can we allow the information field to do the hard work for our brains while we aspire to transform suffering into blessing so we may become fully aware, awake and creatively alive? The time is now! See you on the dance floor. Linda Joy Stone, OMD, L.Ac., is a practitioner of Chinese Medicine and Akashic Acupuncture. Her passion for exploring consciousness began through early psychedelic experiences. That was the doorway that led her to Eastern philosophy and Taoism, metaphysics, Jungian psychology, Tibetan Buddhism, astrology, Chinese Medicine and accessing the Akashic Records. https://www.lindajoystone.com/