Does anyone have any experience dealing with menstrual cramps? What are the best ways to lessen them? -
Menstrual Cramps

Does anyone have any experience dealing with menstrual cramps? What are the best ways to lessen them?

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Candace Foster
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Converting to a whole food, clean diet can make a huge difference in the way you feel during your menstrual cycle. Eliminate processed foods and sugars can be a huge help in itself.

Celia Gellert

Some tips to release cramping is to provide some heat to the area, some lower back circle massages, engagement of the mula bandha (root lock), nourish your body with beet juice tumeric, valerian and kava root.

I created a womb meditation that is free on spotify if you would like to listen, search for Light Codes Podcast.

Lastly every month women go through four seasons a month during their cycle and this is importmant to understand the week of your moon cycle think of it as winter- your body craves rest and rejuvenation. Hope you can take away something helpful and sending healing light to your womb!

Aviva Furman
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Turmeric can really help. They swear by it in Bali! Yoga could also help.

Anna Vakil PhD CCH
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Greetings Leilani! Others have mentioned homeopathic care for menstrual cramps as an effective intervention and the fact that for best results it should be personalized to an individual's symptoms.

It's helpful to address the cramps while they are happening for immediate relief, but also to get at the underlying causes of the menstrual pain. For this reason, it can also be important to rule out tissue change resulting from conditions like adenomyosis, endometriosis, fibroids (and others). As some women unfortunately know, these can remain undiagnosed for long periods and can make menstrual pain stubbornly resistant to many interventions. (The good news is that underlying causes can also be addressed homeopathically!)

For more on menstrual pain, see my article right here on the DaoCloud website and visit me at

Paty LeBaron
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Hi Leilani, Ive found that deep breathing and gentle stretches help, also if the use of a castor oil pack on lower abdomen for a few hours every day for 10 days can help.

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Hi Leilani – There are a lot of great suggestions here. You may also want to consider an energy therapy to find and balance the underlying causes. BodyTalk sessions might be helpful. There can be many different reasons, and they are different for everyone. Communication within the body can be out of sync, hormones out of balance, emotional issues around being a woman, even the position of the uterus in the body. I used to have painful cramps and needed to take ibuprofen every month to manage the pain. Since learning BodyTalk and doing sessions for the cramps, I have only minor discomfort now.

Feel free to contact me and for more on BodyTalk go to

Good luck to you.

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I agree with all of the great info given so far. I also work with homeopathic meds and there are a lot of good options there- without knowing you the best thing to try might be (if the other options offered have not helped) to try Cyclease cramp by Boiron. Homeopathic meds usually need to be individualized to the unique nature of the pain and what makes it worse or better, etc but starting with a blend like this gives a greater chance of one of those ingredients helping. I also just posted on instagram about on April 4th, 2019 @drshelleymeyer; or on facebook

Hope Hartley
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Beyond what these ladies have shared (awesome awesome info!), id invite you to do some reflection on your self-care! Often painful cramps can be related to limiting beliefs, trapped emotions, lack of creative expression, blocks in intimacy/ connection with self or others! These can contribute to the "backing up" or inflammation, of our excretory processes and detoxification... all creating the sensation of "pain." Women can magically use this time period to release, and renew our womb, so when painful, I like to ask what painful emotions/beliefs/thought patterns we may be holding onto?

Depending on when in the moon cycle you bleed can also tell you a lot! Women need rest and rejuvenation during our cycle, which often our society does not allow for! Essential oils such as frankincense, clary sage, jasmine, patchouli, bergamot, and cypress can bring incredible relief along with heat while you are working through the emotional aspects!

I personally experienced cycles which kept me home from school, and later work- until I addressed the underlying roots- now I can say I'm one of those women who do not experience pain during my cycle.

In light, love, and wild peace,
Hope Hartley

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Hi Leilani,
Depending on the quality of the pain, in Chinese Medicine, menstrual cramps can be caused by blood stagnating in the uterus or a level of blood deficiency. Blood can stagnate in the uterus due to constraint (tension, stress, musculature), too much cold exposure and possibly dampness encumbering the flow. Everyone is quite different, but menstrual cramping is a sign that shouldn't be ignored or masked. In our culture, it's normalized as being just a part of being a bleeding woman, but this is definitely far from the truth. We are lucky in the fact that our menstrual cycle is actually a vital sign and is instrumental in our overall wellbeing, lifelong vitality and also feeding into our longevity.

There are some very basic self care practices that you can do to help increase circulation and warm your uterus. You can do a very gentle lower abdominal massage before your cycle arrives and use warming packs during your bleed. Very strong ginger and hawthorn berry tea are excellent for circulation and warmth.

As Amanda Grace pointed out below, your period is sort of cleanse so it's reflective of a detoxing process. So essentially you'll have to make sure your detox organs are functioning optimally. Liver, Kidneys and especially your bowels. Best of luck and let me know if you have any questions.

In health,

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The short and easy solution: Mag-phos homeopathic cell salt can be helpful. Longer answer: menstruation is a method of detoxification. By cleaning the body and supporting the kidneys, your cramps and periods will become lighter and easier. Also avoid inflammatory foods such as dairy, grains and meat, especially the week before your period. Focusing on raw fruits and vegetables will give the body a break from the inflammatory cycle.

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