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What are some remedies for PMS?

I am interested in both quick-acting acute pms-hacks and long term things I can do to make the symptoms not as bad. Keeping an open mind :)

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Dr. Beheshteh Zargaran
Natural and affordable healing for the whole family

Homeopathic remedies are very helpful.

Tania Sisel | Holistic Health and Healing
I provide personalized nutrition counseling for women to help them manage chronic and long term health issues. Food can be the missing piece!

I wrote an article about diet for PMS which i believe is posted on this site. If this lets me list a link, here it is on my blog: https://www.holistichandh.com/blog Exercise is huge and stress management also.

Elizabeth Menzel
You are not alone. We've all been through some tough times and thought, "I'll never be happy again."

My acupuncturist specializes in women's issues. She's in Los Angeles. LMK if you want her number. Evergreen herbs are available through an acupuncturist and are amazing.

Dr. Jennifer Shaw
Helping Women Find More Joy, Energy & Balance

Sorry you are dealing with that! I have helped a lot. I have seen great results with doTERRA's Clary Calm Essential Oil as well as their Phytoestrogen Complex. You can use both as needed to help with symptoms :)

April Ricchio

Long term I find that the cleaner the diet the less symptoms you experience. Minimally processed foods and little to no processed sugar. When I am not following this advice I tend to get monthly migraines that coincide with my cycle but when I am they do not come at all.

Path with Harmony
The ancient practice of Qigong weaves us back to our true nature. Back home in our bodies. The gentle yet potent Qigong movements support us to create and become our own medicine.

Cycle Relief Herbal Menstrual Support tincture works wonders. It helps with the bleeding, painful period cramps and hormonal mood that come with your period. https://www.birthsongbotanicals.com/products/cycle-relief-tincture

Eating well means choosing the right nutrient dense foods the earth has to offer.

Liver support, chaste tree berry tincture, evening primrose oil, B Complex, magnesium, have a good cry!

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