I would like to know how to eliminate blood pressure and cholesterol medications. Can you tell me where to start? - Heal.me
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I would like to know how to eliminate blood pressure and cholesterol medications. Can you tell me where to start?

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Carla LaPrade
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A whole food plant based diet low fat diet along with regular moderate exercise has been shown to prevent and often reverse high cholesterol as well as high blood pressure without medications. I am a licensed facilitator of the "Complete Health Improvement Program" through the Lifestyle Medicine Institute and we address chronic illness such as these through plant based nutrition and other lifestyle changes.

I earned my energy-medicine credential through the Healing Touch Program's rigorous curriculum. I also have training in ThetaHealing and crystal healing. I do in-person and distance/remote sessions.

In addition to the measures that you are taking (hooray!), many clients report reduced blood pressure with Healing Touch sessions. Here is a testimonial from one of my clients:

“My friend Diana had been training for something called Healing Touch. I'd never even heard of it before she mentioned it to me. When you don't know anything about it,… Well, it wasn't something that was exactly on my radar as a possible treatment method, but as she explained it to me, it certainly piqued my interest. I guess you might even call me the ‘doubting Thomas.’ Before I had my first Healing Touch treatment, I was totally dubious about the entire process.

"I'd been having trouble with high blood pressure, not controlled, though I was on plenty of medication. We were actually visiting Diana and Randy and that night, I had a nauseating headache, which was a sure sign that my blood pressure was elevated. *When I took my blood pressure reading, it was well over normal range, 187/80. I was not surprised because it was not unusual to run that high on a regular basis. This particular night I was suffering. My systolic was what I was having the most trouble controlling.

“So I decided that since nothing else was working, perhaps Healing Touch could not do any harm and might possibly help me. At that point, I'd try anything. I asked Diana if she'd be willing to do her Healing Touch on me, even though it was 10 p.m. For one hour Diana worked her miracles and when she finished, I immediately noticed I had no headache. What? I could not believe it. I took my bp and it had dropped 40 points. That is impressive! She told me that it likely would continue dropping and I should see a difference because the energy treatment might continue to progress for 24-48 hours or even longer.

"Well, let me just say that if I had any doubts before the treatment, I am a believer now. Nothing but the power of Healing Touch, and especially Diana's touch, could have done what it did. After my shower and crawling into the bed, I took my blood pressure just once more to see if it actually continued to drop. I could hardly wait until the next morning to tell her that my bp was at 119/60 before I went to sleep. A miracle.

Peace.--------------------Sally A”

(Sally included her last name, but I have chosen to use the initial.)

*Note: The client measured her blood pressure herself. I am certified to do energy work but am not licensed to do medical procedures.

I help men to lower blood glucose and reverse type 2 diabetes for good!

HI Lauri, I'm happy to read that you were successful using a plant-based diet to reduce your cholesterol and other health issues. I agree, plant-based is amazing! I teach plant-based diet to reverse type 2 diabetes and to guide people to sustained weight loss -- with diet and exercise. I am new to Heilkunst medicine. It sounds like we have common ground in diet recommendations

Lauri Germain
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My cholesterol used to be very high until I went plant-based almost 4 years ago. I cut out a lot of fat, even good fat, and ate mostly raw food for about a year. Now I eat a combination of raw and cooked. The only exercise I did was walking daily. In addition to my cholesterol levels returning to normal, I no longer have to deal with hypothyroidism or anemia. I also took homeopathic remedies along the way to address deeper underlying causes of why my body was so out of balance. Plant-based is amazing!

Paty LeBaron
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I like to start by understanding why we have high blood pressure and cholesterol problems and address the cause of them, instead of just addressing a symptom. This is why I love Iridology, that allows us to look at a picture of someones eyes and understand what their body is doing and why.

Agnes Loughlin

Yes I would need to know more, but I would start with a liver cleanse. Diet is not the only culprit. Health is multi-layered.

I help men to lower blood glucose and reverse type 2 diabetes for good!

Start with a plant-based diet and add regular exercise. That should do it.

In most cases, it's the food that's driving the blood pressure and cholesterol into dangerous territory. By removing the the guilty foods and by adding exercise, you remove the cause of most chronic diseases that are common in our country.

Danielle Camastra

HI! this is totally possible and in my experience done mostly with nutrition and lifestyle modifications. However, I have a few questions; First off, what BP medications (and dosages) are you on? and what is your typical BP measurement? Do you see a cardiologist for any particular reason? Second, what, if any, other comorbidities might you have? (diabetes, autoimmune diseases, IBS, arthritis, anxiety, etc). Do you take any medications for other disorders? And lastly, what stress management techniques (if any) do you employ on a daily basis? (including activity & exercise).
I'm happy to help and walk you through this, but know that depending on the duration and severity, it may take some time to wean off safely.

Plant Yourself Healthy
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Yes! Yes! Yes! We specialize in that exact conundrum! So, the first step is to begin to replace some of the animal products in your diet with non-animal products, slowly, if you find it difficult, and quickly if you are having an immediate health crisis. The second step is to find ways to prepare your favorite whole plant foods with minimal to no oil, salt and sugar. The third step is to transition your taste buds which takes a few weeks until you find all of this new cuisine absolutely delicious. If you eliminate all animal products and DON't substitute them with high saturated fat foods like coconut and palm oil, you should see both your weight, cholesterol as well as blood pressure drop. Try it!

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