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I received my lipid profile blood test results and am wondering if I should be concerned regarding my high HDL even though I have a good ratio of Cholesterol to HDL? Also, my Remnant Cholesterol is 18, which is said to be good. I feel great in terms of energy, physical performance, and am at my lowest body fat percentage. Total cholesterol (272 mg/dL), Triglyceride (88 mg/dL), HDL cholesterol (68 mg/dL), LDL Calculated (186 mg/dL), Cholesterol to HDL Ratio (4.0)

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Over the years, I have developed and continue to hone an adept skill of physical analysis determined from the information you share and the actual reading of your tissue

I am not a physician, but need to say that HDL is a good component in the cholesterol ratio and a healthy level is over 60 mg/dL and an ideal LDL is less than 100 mg/dL. It is your LDL that is lowering your ratio to 4 (which is ok) from the ideal 5. Cholesterol levels are not only affected by lifestyle (which you are doing well with, but rarely can have genetic factors as well). Your numbers are good, especially your triglycerides (lipids). Congrats!

Dr. Heather Overland

Feeling great, having good energy and like you are able to accomplish what you want to do are very important for a healthy life, so it is great you already have those components going! I would recommend that you discuss these results with your physician or schedule an appointment with a Naturopathic Physician (like myself) to discuss in further depth what each component means ( such as HDL vs LDL) and how each component of your lipid profile may be modified by diet, lifestyle, medications and what contributory genetic or predisposing risk factors you may have. It is important to look not just at the numbers of lab results, but the whole picture of you as a person with a history, family history, and specific goals for how you want your life to be over the next decades.

Knowing that some of your lab results aren't where they should be, but being proactive about addressing this information and keeping yourself active and healthy is exactly what you should be doing!

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