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How will I feel during my first few days of an elimination diet?

I am afraid if I cut down my diet to only a few foods, I will feel tired. I think there could be long-term benefits if I find out what foods are bothering me, but I want to know what I will feel like in the first few days and weeks. Help!

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Jean Young

You could always start by taking a food sensitivity test that will give you an idea of how your body is reacting to certain foods. It is a simple test that tests your blood for the IgG response to 96 different foods. You can check it out here

Amy Leithliter, LMT
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I can only share from personal experience, but when I went on an elimination diet it reduced my symptoms (mainly all over joint & muscular pain as well as mood swings). But it depends what kind of diet you are starting with. I cut out sodas and most fast food over a decade ago and have been eating mainly whole foods for the past 5 years so it wasn't a drastic switch when I started the AIP (Autoimmune Protocol) diet. If you have the time, starting to slowly eliminate can ease you into it. Also, on an elimination diet you should be able to eat as much nutrient-dense food as you need to feel satiated. Lots of veggies! I always prepare 2-3 veggie dishes with dinner and have a large portions for most meals. Though that's me. Sweet potatoes have helped me a lot and there are tons of delicious recipes online.

Speaking from personal experience as I have Hashimoto's Thyroiditis autoimmune condition.

Liza Baker

My clients report a wide range of symptoms: the good news—very few of them say "tired!" Many feel unusually energized, particularly if they are packing their plates with whole, SOLE foods, which give them a boost of nutrients their bodies are often not used to getting. That said, some report niggling headaches or even flu-like symptoms in the early days of an elimination.

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