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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

What is the best therapy for carpal tunnel syndrome?

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Lauri Germain
Heilkunst homeopathy works like a time machine, by clearing the most recent trauma in your life, then working backwards in time.

Hello Valerie,
A homeopathic remedy called Ruta can help. Also addressing and treating any emotional stress/trauma before the symptom manifested is important for healing. My website is www.thegentlehomeopath.com for more info.

Let's get to the root of your issues, instead of focusing on symptoms. Your physical, emotional and mental wellness are all interconnected

Cold Laser could be very effective addressing Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. I have worked with clients who had debilitating issues and were told by their doctor that they needed a surgery; the pain and inflammation were gone just after couple of months, and with that, the need to wear a brace. I like to incorporate the laser sessions with the proper supplements and essential oils.

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Suzy Dito

Welcome Valerie! As a yoga practitioner and imagery therapist, I have a myriad of exercises and meditations to assist with carpal tunnel syndrome. Opening up the fascia and capillaries will ease discomfort and aid in healing.

Miguel Hernandez working at Windy City massage
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Another thing to consider, fascia connecting and dividing muscles within the arm, also attached to nerves bone and, at times fascia can gather up, as for carpal tunnel, at the wrists or back of the elbow, causing compensations within the body that shorten the distance and hinder mobility between the wrists, elbows, and shoulders/neck. The tension within the arm now becomes greater then the opposing arm causing compensations along the spine. Sometimes affecting muscles between the shoulder blades and the spine affecting the soft and bony tissues surrounding the nerves that control the arms, down the hip and either IT band and its opposing knee, in a crisscross pattern down the body. In the same crisscross pattern down the body that I find the attention gathers in, the opposite side of the affected wrist up the neck, same side of carpal tunnel in muscles at attached to the bottom of the skull, and tension at the points above the make of the neck at the back of the skull. The imbalances, are what the body protects so as to not allow you to pool a nerve further than the gathered tensions in the whole body allow. Ridding the body of tension at any and as many of these points with a tennis ball or a trigger point ball(not the spiky one) can reduce one's own compensations and help to regain proper balance in the tension that hold our nervous system in alignment for optimal utilization. The key here is not to focus on the points of pain, rather at times the opposite sides that are causing the nerve to be pulled away from the spine and central nervous system. The second key to your success using this format, is to breathe, not to hold in or out of breath, and to force on the exhale, thus hindering the body's natural response to hold and protect in the comfort zone where pain is harbored. Each one of these points has multiple inflammed and tightened muscle fibers, get rid of as much tension from each one of these points using the exhale and the ball along with being able to lay down on the floor while you work on these points will allow you to focus on releasing tension throughout your body, as I've learned the body has one giant nerve and the less that every muscle tenses up on that nerve, and if you only focus attention on the exhale, it will allow the body to send the chemicals naturally produced by the body to reduce swelling, inflammation, tension, pain, and helping in removing toxins in the body as a whole, also the painful tense area being worked on, focused on, using the exhale will beging to have some changes in pain sensation.

Michael Julian
Michael has been in the Bodywork profession for over 24 years with over a thousand hours of bodywork training.

Hello Valerie,
I completely agree with the previous responses. Getting to the root cause and clearing the body of as much inflammation is crucial. Taking this a step further, there are seven compression points along the median nerve pathway that can and probably are compressed to some degree leading to what you are feeling in your hand and fingers. The first thing to look at is if it was diagnosed correctly, as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is misdiagnosed often.
Let's say it is correct. The first area to look at and treat is the nerve roots in the cervical spine, working down through the thoracic outlet region paying close attention to where the median nerve travels above the first rib and under the clavical. This point is a very common for compression. Then moving down the arm. As each point is released the pressure and reaction in the hand is lessened. At this point the carpul tunnel can now be worked. Gaining more blood flow through the tissues. Stretching or "flossing" the nerve can then be performed to further free the nerve.
This along with the other suggestions should make things better.
A trained Manual Therapist should be able to perform this for you.
Wishing you a very speedy recovery.

Cynthia Kemper

Removing the underlying issues and symptoms is a place to begin. Uncovering the root imbalance and aligning it so your body can heal itself. The carpal bones and tendons are usually affected in this and the nerve. Balancing all the factors in carpal tunnel with ice, physical therapy and balancing the root problem is helpful. There are braces now that people can purchase over the counter. Reducing the stress and strain on your hands and wrists as much as you can. If this does not work your doctor may suggest surgery. I would go through all steps to alleviate this I balance first though.

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Hey Valerie, I had terrible carpal tunnel and one of the best things that healed and helped me is making sure my diet was free of any food that causes inflammation, sugar, gluten, dairy, processed foods, alcohol, caffeine, etc. This allows your body to start to heal from within and your symptoms to lessen and eventually go away.

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