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Who do I see about acne?

I have had acne since I was a teenager, but it has persisted into adulthood. I am now 26 and I still have pretty chronic acne, plus breakouts. I have tried every face wash and formula under the sun, so I was thinking maybe it is time to see a professional about this.

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Kelsey Lamb, CHHC
I am a holistic health coach who helps people find balance and purpose so they can regain their health, happiness and well being.

I would definitely recommend seeing an alternative practitioner such as a naturopath, health coach, or holistic skin care expert. I struggled with acne for over a decade and tried every treatment under the sun with no success. What finally worked for me was changing my diet and lifestyle. The root cause of acne comes from within, so typically determining the root cause and making some significant changes is much more effective than any topical treatment ever will be.

Jasmine Drake

Visiting a licensed esthetician for regular facials, in addition to dietary adjustments, is great way to care for your skin!

No Name

Your outside skin is related to your inside skin! If your outside skin is having trouble, then your inside skin probably is too. What is your "inside skin"? Your digestive tract!

I totally agree with Leilani that often acne is diet related but you also have to think about: "what is the most root cause of my problem so I can address that first?"

You could eat the most perfect diet but if you aren't digesting it, then where is the benefit?

Make sure your digestion is working well and your microbiome is supported and increasing in diversity. Reducing the things that Leilani said would be a great start but also checking with a gut health person to see if you need to do some targeted supplementation to get the inflammation down in your gut and help you digest better if that is part of your puzzle.

Andrea Short

Main causes of acne include diet, stress, and hormones. There is no one cause, as these all play a role. Try modifying your diet to see if you have any changes. Let me know if you want help!

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