There's a growing number of people struggling with an ever growing assortment of autoimmune conditons. I'm familiar! Are you one? Are you juggling medications to try and keep the symptoms at bay? If you are navigating the autoimmune world there are three general terrains. 

First is the world of conventional medicine which continues to stand behind a brick wall with their "unknown etiology, the exact cause is not clear..." but happily prescribes lifetime drugs. These do not cure, they may make a difference, but stop the drug and the symptoms are still there...

Second terrain: Autoimmunity involves a reactivity to certain things. We know this. Remove the triggers and symptoms will change. We know this, millions of people know this! The great assortment of autoimmune conditions have an overlap - they are chronic inflammatory conditions and involve "leaky gut". Remove the triggers, heal the gut. Life will be better, really!

Third terrain: Becoming a less triggerable person. This is the lesser known terrain but it's also the one that's truely transformational. It brings out the best in you!

If you'd like the maps to these terrains please go to the Autoimmune Revolution. It's online, it's free, it starts on November 5. When it ran last year I listened from one end to the other. I know what's in there. It's potentially life changing information from 35 experts. Cut and paste this link into your browser, it will take you to the registratin page:

You'll be glad you did. Really, it's good.