I was born into a military family and pursued a career in personal security, protecting high-profile individuals and vulnerable people like victims of human trafficking. Suddenly, my life changed dramatically in 2012 when I was off duty and was assaulted by three individuals. The attack left my left leg severely damaged, and I underwent multiple surgeries and spent months in an external fixator. Thanks to my parents' around-the-clock care, I was able to keep my leg, but my healing was slow and complicated.

Living with constant pain, I found myself going from doctor to doctor, with no insurance and only temporary relief. The physical and emotional toll was immense, and I was prescribed 17 medications. The interactions between the medicines, their poor effect on my mental health, and the lack of coordination among specialists and doctors left me feeling hopeless. I realized that while modern medicine had saved my leg, it wasn't truly healing me.

During this time, my mother, Mary, was diagnosed with a brain tumor. As a son, I felt helpless and unable to support her in her time of need. This, combined with my own struggles, led me to hit rock bottom emotionally, physically, spiritually, and financially. In a moment of desperation, I cried out to the Universe, asking to be shown how to heal myself naturally. I promised that if I was shown the way, I would dedicate my life to helping others.

Within two weeks of that moment, I discovered CBD and terpenes through multiple synchronicities. I began using food as my pharmacy, changed my diet to pescatarian, and started swimming regularly at the YMCA. After two years of consistency, I was able to wean myself off all 17 synthetic medications. On the day I finally transitioned completely to plant medicine, I met my now wife, Carina.

Together, Carina and I co-created pioneering CBD and terpene-infused medicinal infusions. However, I knew that we needed a deeper understanding of the botanical and mineral kingdoms to fully harness nature's healing potential. That's when venerable Tibetan Medicine Physician, Amchi Thubten Lekshe, a practitioner of the 2,500-year-old lineage wisdom known as "Sowa Rigpa," arrived at our doorstep. This led to the creation of Jampha Tibetan Pharmacy.

Around this time, my mother faced her own challenges following surgery to remove her brain tumor. She underwent five surgeries in four weeks, resulting in extensive brain damage that affected her ability to walk, communicate, and see. Doctors told her to learn to live with blindness, but she refused to give up. She explored alternative modalities like CBD, color therapy, hyperbaric oxygen treatment, light therapy, meditation, and visual training to support her brain's neuroplasticity.

Amchi, knowing of my mother's condition, created the groundbreaking White Elephant Tinctured Infusion to support her brain's regeneration and cognitive function. After six months of use, her brain fog lifted, her executive functions improved, and her visual system rallied. She now rides an electric bike, reclaiming her independence. My mother and I continue to use Tibetan Precious Jewel Pills to support our physical, mental, and spiritual well-being.

Our journey has inspired Jampha Tibetan Pharmacy to become a sanctuary of hope and healing for those facing health challenges. We offer a compassionate, inclusive, and effective approach to healing that integrates diverse medical traditions and ancient wisdom with modern science. Our goal is to honor the interconnectedness of mind, body, and spirit, and to help others awaken their inner Master Healer.