Did you know that getting into nature makes a difference in how we feel about our lives and is healing? Getting into nature is one of the areas that contributes to a mystical life (If you missed it, watch the video To a Mystical Life, 14 Areas that Enhance Energy and Connection to Your Purpose) and also is part of the full circle for our wellness, happiness and spiritual awakening that also helps to relieve depression and anxiety.

In the video, Nature, Spiritual Awakening, Wellness, and Healing learn about research, what forest bathing is, and an easy exercise for taking in nature.

The Nature, Spiritual Awakening, Wellness, and Healing video is about

  •  why being in nature help us
  •  research about being in nature
  •  spiritual awakening
  •  balance
  •  deepens our breath
  •  connects to releasing depression, anxiety,
  •  healing other conditions.

and an exercise to tap into your awareness that positively impacts your body, mind,

emotions and spirit that together contribute to our evolution of consciousness.