I am offering a special Gratitude meditation to keep the gratitude energy going all year. The Gratitude Meditation Exercise

  • Gives you tools to use all year long
  • Can be used alone or in a group
  • Gives you times of the day and year to use the Gratitude Meditation Exercise
  • Has layers of growth embedded into the process so there is always room for more growth and insight
  • Is suitable for children, teens, and adults
  • Is another tool for positively changing energy for a mystical and purposeful life
  • Heightens awareness of the relationship with our thoughts, feelings and physical body
  • Connects to releasing lack and burdens
  • Engages the energy of spiritual awakening.

The Gratitude Meditation Exercise has two parts, About the Gratitude Meditation Exercise and The Gratitude Meditation Exercise. I have used this meditation with groups for over twenty years and know you will enjoy using it alone and with other people.