Often we are divided in the approach to medicine and healing between allopathic or Western medicine with alternative and holistic medicine. However, there are methods to bridge science with the body, mind, emotions, and spirit which is the next paradigm in healing; using all of the tools. And bringing what is often disdained by Western medicine into acceptance by giving people substantial information. As a seer, mystic, and Doctor of Behavioral Health, (a blend of a psychologist and psychiatrist) writing about energy medicine informs how the body, mind, emotions, and spirit are part of the sciences.

 It has taken ten years to write the book, Energy Medicine Primer, Awakening the Science of the Auric Field and Chakras. It is book two of the non-fiction, Energy Medicine Trilogy which weaves science, physics, and energy medicine together giving foundational information for healers and those seeking healing. The content reveals the form and function of the auric field, defines the layers of the auric fields, clarifies misinformation, and details the emotional, psychological, physical and etheric content of the auric field and chakras as separate systems. You can watch the video, What's Inside the Book by clicking here https://twi.education/product/energy-medicine-primer/