Our desire to meet a special someone, keeps the men or women coming, but our belief in bad relationships causes us to push them away.

Your attention to unwanted characteristics makes it impossible for the traits that you desire to come to you.

If you’re a person who has trained themselves to look for positive aspects, you will find those in yourself as well as in others. If however, you are a person who has trained themselves to look for negative points, you will find those in yourself as well as in others. It is safe to assume when you see those who are very critical of others; you're observing people who do not like themselves.

When you love yourself and are in harmony with who you are, your appreciation of others flows abundantly, and when that is the case, beautiful and magical things flow steadily to you.

But, when you are out of alignment, which translates to feeling bad or feeling pinched off, the Law of Attraction can only match you up with others who also feel bad.

The reason why this happens is that we don't take the time to heal, or take the time to love ourselves, to appreciate the person you and I have become through it all. Instead, we push against, resist, and ultimately, bury our feelings deep, deep down.

So, as you come together with your new partner, your buried feelings surface and begin to perpetuate the imbalance in one another, thus resulting in an "Uncomfortable and Unpleasant Relationship."

When you desire to attract a special someone into your life, the dominant thought within you becomes the absence of that person. Your current and most active vibration hold him or her away from you, and in doing so, you begin to unconsciously draw closer to you this unwanted person by your attention to them.

The Law of Attraction will continue to show you what you’re thinking about, whether it’s wanted or not.

Instead, focus and feel the emotions about how beautiful and magical it will feel to have this special someone in your life. The sentiment will always feel good because your current thought is a vibrational match to your true desire.

However, when you want something or someone but your current thought is about the absence or lack of that partner, or mate, your prevailing emotion feels terrible, only because your current thinking in that moment is a vibrational mismatch to your true desire.

A pure desire of wanting will always feel good because at that moment you are a vibrational match to your true passion.

When we’re in a state of need; the emotions always feel bad because you are in that moment a vibrational mismatch to the absence of your true desire.

When your deep desire is to attract a soulmate in your life, you must first become the perfect mate you are seeking. In other words, you must consistently emit a vibrational signal that matches the mate or partner you desire.

The Law of Attraction will show you what you’re consistently thinking.

Your emotional attention to what "is" will continue to root you like a tree to its spot. A consistent emotional "Happy" of what you would like or love to begin attracting into your life experience, will always bring you those changes.

Keep giving your attention to those things you want, and in doing so, you will continue to hold those things in your experience.

You and I are powerful magnets, attracting unto us the way that we feel at any point in time. The better it gets, the better it gets.