Noticing your heartfelt emotions when you have expanded into as much good feeling as you can, and acknowledging when to take a break from a toxic relationship will save you from heartache and open you to a more positive flow of energy.

Success Mantra! "I expand in love, success, and abundance every single day, as I inspire those around me to do the same."

Strategies for dealing with difficult relationships.

1) Magic happens when you see the other person as a reflection of an unloved part of yourself.

2) Spend time loving and embracing the part of yourself that is calling for love.

Blaming yourself for not attracting the right partner is to wonder about the part of yourself, that is unloved. Don't give yourself a hard time for noticing and acknowledging the unloved parts of yourself that are desperately seeking to be healed.

We are always going to be faced with people we don't get along with, in one way or another. The magic happens, though, when you look inside and say, "Hmmm, what's that all about? Why am I creating drama in my life with this particular person? Press the pause button and stay in wonder and curiosity, the answer your longing for will come to you.

Create a daily practice of compassion this month, and don't forget to include yourself.

Recognize self-sabotage as a calling for love from within. Learn when to take a break, rather than interrupting the good with some sort of conflict.

When you find yourself in conflict with another person, that other person is simply a reflection of an unloved part of yourself.

The secret sauce to a healthy relationship is to strive for a mind and body connection that will ultimately set you free.