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What are the best ways to notice when anxiety is coming up?

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Anxiety can slip up on us. Being aware of our bodies and the feedback they continually give us is the best way to catch early cues to an anxiety attack. Some signs can be increased heart rate, dry mouth, mental fog or flushing, such as a hot flash. At the first warning sign, stop, literally think, "Stop". Take a very slow-deep 4 count and hold for a count of 4. Slowly release the breath for 4 counts and then pause for 4 counts before repeating. Do 4 cycles of this 4 count breath. Focus on the breath. This will stop the fight or flight response and give you a "reset" before you consider the trigger. Continue breathing deeply as you think about what brought on the anxiety. Often, the trigger wasn't worth the response and can be addressed constructively. Catching anxiety before it takes over will become easier with time and they will occur less often. Taking up QiGong, yoga, and meditation can help you connect to your calm so it's there, on call, when you need it.

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