I have IBS and am a 61 year old paraplegic with anxiety - Heal.me

I have IBS and am a 61 year old paraplegic with anxiety

will Steve's diet work for me, i have had all the tests so it is noting structural that is giving me tummy pain and lack of sleep. it is apparently a motility dysfunction which is just another way of saying IBS as far as I am concerned, do you put any faith in hair intolerance testing as accurate?

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Carol B. Low

Mike: IBS is a "functional" GI illness, meaning that the structure and overall gut health is in order. The two most common issues are disturbed gut flora (often from too much antibiotic treatment in childhood) and history of stress/trauma, which given your physical issues, seems reasonable to assume. In addition to seeing a natural MD for guidance in enhancing your gut microbiome, I suggest clinical hypnosis, which is demonstrated in research to be HIGHLY effective in curing IBS. https://www.med.unc.edu/ibs/files/educational-gi-handouts/IBS%20and%20Hypnosis.pdf

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