In April 2018, everything changed for me. I felt good and in shape, but after a few energy healing sessions, my kidneys raised concerns. Surprisingly, the emotion of fear seemed to affect their function. Initially, I attributed these signals to the recent stress of being robbed twice. Yet, as events unfolded, I learned that my health issues were more rooted in past traumas than I ever realized. 

Following an especially taxing red-eye flight, my body began exhibiting strange symptoms. I was swollen, couldn't sleep, and felt uncharacteristically anxious. Concerned, I sought medical help. However, my primary physician brushed off my symptoms as merely the wear and tear of aging, even though I was only 43. To add to my anxiety, medical tests hinted at my kidney function being far from ideal. This revelation was alarming, especially since kidney disease ran in my family. My eGFR rate, the number associated with how well your kidneys are working, was 62% out of 100% percent function — very close to levels associated with stage 2 chronic kidney disease.

My trust in the conventional medical system began to waver. An internist, despite realizing my kidney function was far from the norm for my age and weight, ordered unrelated tests and seemed dismissive. Frustration mounted as the medical community appeared indifferent to my wellbeing.

It was during a subsequent energy healing session that I made a shocking discovery. My childhood traumas – witnessing neighborhood violence and a hospital stay at just three years old – were possibly linked to my kidney issues. This revelation led me down a research rabbit hole where I unearthed studies linking early childhood trauma to gut health disruptions. Even more compelling was the connection between gut health and chronic kidney disease.

I felt like I was on to something, so I began a dual journey of emotional and physical healing. Alongside continued energy sessions, I focused on healing my gut. I embraced a mix of meditation, exercise, dietary changes, and traditional therapy, a blend that combined the best of holistic and evidence-based practices.

Within a year of embracing holistic healing methods, I witnessed tangible improvements. My kidney function test results dramatically improved, soaring from a concerning 62% to a robust 88% of full function, with 100% being the maximum level of healthy kidney operation. This transformation reiterated that my proactive approach of combining integrative health coaching with energy healing was key. By listening to my body and complementing it with scientific research, I found a path that traditional medical routes might have missed.

My journey was tumultuous yet enlightening, bringing forth not just physical healing but also a deep understanding and appreciation for the harmony of body, mind, and spirit. The insights and lessons garnered from my personal voyage are applied in my coaching practice with gentle care to weave integrative fitness, nutrition, and breathwork with energy healing, creating a unique tapestry of healing and balance tailored just for you.