I'm a huge bath lover. I try to take a bath whenever I have the time and especially when I need to relax and wash the day off of my body and psyche. I'm a big believer in plant medicine and aromatherapy is one of the purest forms of plant medicine. I'm also a huge advocate of healthy energy hygiene. Energy hygiene is not something that everyone thinks about. But everyone definitely knows when they've been around a negative person, or in a place that gives them the creeps. Those vibes you personally felt was your personal energy brain telling you that something was up and that you probably didn't want to be there or around that person for very long. I like to also advocate a good aromatherapy cleansing bath to keep your energy hygiene clean and fresh. Here's one of my favorite DIY recipes for making your own aromatherapy bath salts. I highly recommend taking a aromatherapy bath salt bath once a week for at least 20 minutes for strong energy hygiene. 1. In a large bowl blend 1 cup of sea salt or Dead Sea salt, 1/2 cup of Himalayan pink salt, and 1/4 cup of Epsom salt. Salts commonly come in various grain sizes. Blending multiple grain sizes make the salts look prettier. While chunkier salts look prettier, but they do take loner to dissolve in the bath. 2. Next add 10-20 drops of essential oils of lemon and lavender (although feel free to make your own combinations). As always with essential oils, ensure to educate yourself about the safety data, especially if you're pregnant or have a health condition and/or diagnosis. 3. After combining the salts and essential oils blend them with a large spoon or spatula and say a prayer, blessing or mantra while combining the ingredients. You can literally say, "Love, Love, Love." "God, God, God." Or even, "Please infused these salts with love, grace and divinity supporting all that I AM and all that I do. Thank you." 4. Mix well and when finished add the mixture into a pretty jar, salt tube, or container with a tight-fitting lid because the salt grains are so minute that they can create small particles on the outside of the lid and surrounding area. Also, salts kept in a container that is not air tight will lose their scent more quickly. 5. Finally, when you're ready to take your aromatherapy salt bath simply place 1/4 cup to 1 cup of bath salts in your bath and soak for at least 20minutes to cleanse, clear and strengthen your human energy field. Happy soaking!