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How does Aroma Freedom work?

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Suuz Martines
Creative Movement Specialist and Agent of Change

The Aroma Freedom Technique works on changing that inner voice. It helps you identify and release what is holding you back. Using specially formulated blends of essential oils, we can transform those negative beliefs and emotions and intentionally integrate your efforts towards lasting change.

“… when inhaled, essential oils directly enter our limbic system, our emotional brain, where traumatic and upsetting experiences of your life are noted and catalogued into your body’s memory. The unpleasant or disturbing memories may be temporarily lost to your conscious mind, but they are permanently etched into your subconscious and cellular memory. Traumatic experiences recorded within our consciousness, exist as living, buried memories. When unresolved, they can create obstacles to your life’s happiness, judgement, and success in many areas—domestic, personal, social, and career-wise. Through AFT you can discover your inner thoughts and feelings that block your success and personal fulfillment, on any and all levels—professionally, domestically, financially, or personally by directly addressing your limbic brain through the vehicle of certain aromas. You can be clear and free from the hidden bondages that limit your success in life.” David Stewart, PhD

“When faced with a task that makes us feel anxious or insecure, the amygdala — the “threat detector” part of the brain — perceives that task as a genuine threat, in this case to our self-esteem or well-being. Even if we intellectually recognize that putting off the task will create more stress for ourselves in the future, our brains are still wired to be more concerned with removing the threat in the present. Researchers call this “amygdala hijack.” By Charlotte Lieberman Why You Procrastinate (It has Nothing to Do with Self-Control) NY Times, March 25, 2019.

But we can also reach the amygdala by our powerful sense of smell through pure therapeutic essential oils that can break up a memory complex previously associated with negative thoughts, feelings, and memories. We can gently shift awareness and clear patterns related to issues, work, relationships, children, habits, parenting, etc. to initiate a positive outlook and attitude.

Aroma Freedom was developed by Dr. Benjamin Perkus, a clinical psychologist who has integrated over two decades of clinical experience with as many years of work with essential oils into this modality. It is simple and the results are powerful. Guidance through the steps can uncover and replace emotional patterns and beliefs that may be blocked. Our olfactory nerve connects directly to limbic system and can calm down the amygdala and break up the memory complex. In sessions, there may be delightful surprises by some of the memories that come forth and realizations of how they made sense then, but do not serve us now.

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