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What is your healthiest morning routine?

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Brigitte Rawlings
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Gratitude journal
Warm water with lemon
Gentle Stretching
Visualize and embody what I want my day to look like

Tristan Summerfield, MA, CFNP
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1. After waking drink a large glass of spring water with lemon juice.

2. Get barefoot outside and let the morning sunlight hit your skin and eyes (without contacts of glasses) to boost dopamine levels, set your circadian rhythm for the day, and increase electrons in the body.

3. Bounce on a rebounder for 10 minutes to increase blood and lymph flow and to your energy flowing.

4. Express gratitude for being alive on this beautiful living planet in this amazing universe!

Joelene Lemke
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Wake up drink a glass of water, prepare lemon tea. Eat an egg, with avocado and some spinach or other veggie I have. 3 hours later follow with a snack. An hour later follow with more water or herbal tea. Lunch is a fun salad packed with lots of colors of the rainbow, beats, bell peppers ect. 3 hours later another snack. followed by more water. Dinner is some lien meat no more than the palm of my hand, with most of my plate packed with veggies and the other half of my avocado. Before Bed I eat a protein bite I made from cashew butter and chocolate chips. Each meal or snack I try to eat a little protein, fat, and good carbs.

Joel Kampf
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I have a routine that helps me start the day with focus, energy and curiosity. But what works for me may not be right for you. I built my routine by making a priority list starting with things that I want to do for myself that I generally don’t have time for, like reading. And I also looked at what would make me feel my best to start each day. Then I looked at my current habits and decided to drop a couple… and then determined what new habits I wanted to create. Changing things like routines or stories about how you’ve always done things, begins and ends with habits. And although it takes some work, there is a simple method to get rid of bad habits and adopt new ones. All of the suggestions listed on this thread are great for the folks who shared them - they can also serve as an idea bank for you as you consider how you want to start your day.

Della O'Brien
Della O'Brien is a Level 2 Reiki Practitioner, located on Orcas Island, Washington. She specializes in Distance Reiki and Healing Tools.

I like to wake up, drink a full glass of water, do some dream journaling, brush my teeth with my non-dominant hand (good for the brain), do some deep-breathing exercises, meditate, and do yoga. I follow this with a healthy breakfast. Then, I review my to-do list and get to work. Sometimes, if I’ve got the extra morning time, I do my personal development. Otherwise, I use that as my afternoon pick-me up or drive-time entertainment.

Annie Poirier
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A morning for you....10-10-10, 10 minutes of silent time, meditation, visualization, breathing, followed by 10 minutes of movement, can be anything...stretching, walking, dancing...whatever moves you...and finishing with 10 minutes of whatever your heart desires...coloring, reading, praying, goal setting, journaling....conclude with a tall glass of room temperature water and any vitamins or meds you have :)

Aviva Furman
Yoga teacher, Migraine support and Reiki healer

Do not reach for your mobile phone!
I try to let in natural light first, opening the curtain from my bed. Take a few breaths and really notice them travelling through the body. Gratitude - bring to mind three things I am grateful for this new morning. Take some gentle stretches whilst still in bed. Ankle and wrist rotations, drawing the knees into the chest, full body stretches etc.
Once I am sitting, I always drink water - your body probably has not had water for the whole night!

Marie Desroches
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Gratitude, gratitude, gratitude. We cannot be grateful enough. Gratitude opens our heart - it lifts our vibration - it puts us in a space of Light where anything not of Light just bounces off or is transmuted. When you forget, and we all do, gently remind yourself to be grateful again - no judgment when you forget.

Larry Mangel
NAMA Certified Ayurvedic Practitioner and Vedic Counselor

An Ayurvedic dinacharya or Morning routine:

Wake up Early – before sunrise 5:00 – 6:00 AM. Meditate and make an offering to the universe before leaving bed.

Drink a glass of water as soon as you get up. Ayurveda suggests that ideally drink water that has been kept in a copper vessel overnight or water with raisins, figs or prunes soaked in it overnight. This practice stimulates peristalsis. This is also a good time for Agni Sara or Nauli Kriya.

Splash your face with cold water, rinse the mouth and wash the eyes with cool water. Massage the eyelids by rubbing them gently and exercise them by rotating them fully in all directions.

Go to the bathroom. Elimination of waste is important.

Wash your hands with warm water. Scrape your tongue with a stainless steel or copper tongue scraper, floss, and brush your teeth using a soft toothbrush. Gargle with a little warm water, salt and turmeric and rinse.

Clean the nose and sinuses with a neti pot. Use lukewarm water with sea salt and then swab the nostrils with a little sesame oil. \

Do a self-oil massage, use the appropriate oil for your dosha. Massage the hands, head, trunk and feet. Oil massage opens the pores, softens the skin, helps remove wastes and helps joints and muscles move more freely.

Next do your exercise or yoga postures, meditation and pranayama.

Bath with warm water, avoid harsh soaps and the use of anti-perspirants, and deodorant with aluminum. Essential oils are good.

Eat a light breakfast, avoid eggs, meat, cold milk, yogurt and pastries. Drink warm spicy tea with honey.

I'm a Functional Medicine Health Coach who partners with women that are trying to get pregnant and minimize their risk of miscarriage.

1. Spend 5-10 min to write in my journal
2. Drink 8-10 oz of water
3. Read from a book
4. Have breakfast
5. Workout (gym or go for a walk)
6. Do 20 minute meditation

I believe the benefits of recreation are for every body and strive to empower my clients' to recognize and utilize their strengths to achieve their wellness goals

I start every morning with pranayama, meditation, and mantra. It gets my mind right to face the day.

Nathan Walz

Dedicate the first 30 minutes of your day for you. No looking at your phone, checking your email, watching the news, or doing anything that activates a stress response.
My morning changes every few months or so and it currently looks like this:

A short QiGong practice to get my energy and circulation moving
Watching the sunrise (the timing of when I do this changes throughout the year)
A round of Wim Hof Breathing
Writing down 3 monthly goals

Rebecca Abraxas
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When I first wake before even getting out of bed I say my morning mantra form Access Consciousness, "All life comes to me with ease, joy, and glory" about 10 times. I proceed to cleanse out my mouth by scraping my tounge and brushing my teeth. Then I like to have a detox tea or warm lemon water to jumpstart my liver. After that it is onto a pre/probiotic.

On an ideal morning, I then like to do my Reiki Meditation for about 30 min. which includes Reiki ideals, symbols, and automatic writing. Then I end that with using my voice in a spontaneous sounding that gives me some information for my day. Making my morning shake with greens, berries, fiber, and protein is next. Finally, a morning walk in the sunshine to get my vitamin D with my dog who opens a field of joy for me! A perfect morning!

Anne-Marie Brest
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Morning meditation outdoors in a quiet place like the beach or a garden and reading poetry are my choices.

Joanna Zoe Christopher

I love to start my day with my Qigong practice. I gently get my energy flowing nicely with the nine circles of peace to clear my joints, ground, root and purge what no longer serves my greatest good, add energy from Nature to my Wei Qi field, and activate energy shields.

Megan Tally, NBC-HWC, RYT

I feel so lucky that my mornings get to start out a little slow. No mad dash to get anywhere. I incorporate some yoga and meditation into that slow start. Makes my day start out much better!

Corrin Gibbs Burke
I help women and couples discover clarity, balance and understanding around money and their personal relationship with it.

Love having my tea, reading a little bit of something positive, journaling and mediating!

Jen Martin, MCWC
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Walking my dogs, yoga/stretching and am protein smoothie

Ryan Hunter
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I recently wrote an article addressing your exact inquiry.

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