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What is it like getting Reiki ?

I have never had energy therapy but I know a lot of people who've benefits from reiki to deal with stress so I am really curious.

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Mira Katyal
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It is true that no two Reiki sessions are alike. I have been learning, practicing and teaching Reiki since 2012 and am still continually surprised. What will happen cannot be predetermined. The short-term single session benefit can be relaxation, calming, there maybe reduction of pain in some area, or the client may receive an insight. The sensations in the body can be relaxing, heat, cold, tingling, floating, sleeping or zoning out. I had received a single-session handson reiki in 2013, and that stopped my dizziness for a couple of years. Still surprises me, when I think about it!
In emergency states - it can be helpful - my personal experiences is a night-time loose-motions upset for my companion on a train, reiki stopped and calmed it down, enough to reach a doctor at the destination. Another emergency situation was a visit to the hospital, and finding a needle spot for collapsed veins with the support of distance reiki.
However the best and most cherished by me are the multiple-reiki sessions. This is a true and underestimated power house. It can enhance your spiritual journey, support reduction of unwanted habits, and reduction and relief from chronic ailments. This is a true story: my friend's mother has a chronic bladder issue. After about 4-5 months of daily, distance reiki, her condition improved so much, that she stopped wearing diapers. I still cannot get over this one!!

Sabrina Johnson
Hello! I am a certified Foot Zone Therapist and Reiki practitioner. I look forward to connecting with you and supporting you on your wellness journey

It honestly depends on the person. For some it's a great relaxing experience while they their emotions are validated and released. For some it's a deeper emotional process where they cry a lot. That second one is what I personally deal a lot with.

Zoe Hofeller
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Everyone has their own unique experience. Some fall asleep, some warm-up, while others feel tingling and go on a life journey. What happens is for at that time is what your body mind and soul wanted to show/ have your experience. People can relax from receiving the experience

Carla LaPrade
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Hello Jasmine! Your experience receiving Reiki can be different each time. In general, you will ideally come in to a quiet, soothing and private space and have a conversation with your practitioner about your intentions for your session, and concerns or questions you have and may be asked to sign a consent form or other paperwork initially. You may also be asked if you prefer a hands on or hands off treatment.

Reiki may include light touch or the entire session can be conducted working above your body in your aura. Most clients are very comfortable with light touch but you can certainly express your wishes and preferences either way.

You will remain fully clothed during the session, usually just removing shoes, eyeware and heavy jewelry. The length of the session can vary anywhere from 30-90 minutes depending on your preference and what your practitioner is working on with you. You may feel heat or cold or vibration in different parts of your body and light touch from your practitioners hands.

Some people experience seeing different colors and objects. Many people fall asleep during sessions which is perfectly ok and Reiki will be just as effective for you whether you are awake or asleep. Some people have powerful emotions (laughing or crying) as these emotions are cleared and released.

Overall, the most common experience is a very deep sense of relaxation. You may have vivid dream in the days following a session, or insights may come to you with time. It is recommended that you work with a trusted practitioner, someone you trust and that invites you to stay in touch if you have any follow up concerns. It is often recommended that you have a series of treatments over weeks or months depending on what you are working on. Clients come in presenting a variety of issues, ranging from infertility to stress, sleep disorders, chronic pain, depression, addictions, grief - the list really is endless. Reiki works with your body's own innate intelligence.

I hope that helps and I wish you well!

Bob Weissberg - The Reiki Path, LLC
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A Reiki session can be different each time you receive one, depending on where you are at and what your needs for healing are. Some common elements: general deep relaxation; increased feelings of well-being; feelings of temperature change, usually heat, around the practitioner's hands; sometimes a feeling of flow or energy movement in the body; light sleep. Sometimes, people will manifest signs of light sleep, such as snoring, but still be aware of the session, music, etc. Some people have imagery, such as colors, or fully formed dream-like scenes. Pain generally improves, or rises to the surface and dissipates. I recommend that you seek out a practitioner and try it out, if you haven't already. Thanks for asking!

David Anderson

Everyone did a great job of answering your question and agree with you will be guided and woll get the right person for you. I just thought I would add person and comments from clients I have worked with. When I had my 1st session as a client I was so stressed out and a shell of a person. Do to a Job I had at the time. I went and had 1 session and was so relaxed and could feel energy moving with in me. It was an amazing experience! I was back to my old self and loved it! On my way home I knew I needed to learn Reiki and help others with this amazing energy. I have had a couple clients mantion after the session that they were in a calm and relaxed state, some even said they were comfortably numb ;) Hope this helps! Yes please share when you have your 1st session.

Yvonne Fox


Reiki is a gentle, loving universal energy. Some people can feel the energy via warmth or light tingles, or sense of presence; and regardless of feeling it during a session, people typically feel relaxed, calm, and quietly energized after a session. Reiki keeps working after a session so it is on going. Reiki knows where to flow, whether mind, body or spirit. So when you are feeling drained or tired, or anxious or stressed; Reiki will go to where it will do the most good, be it calming the mind, relaxing tension, boosting your energy, or soothing the spirit.

Sheila Meggison, LMT
CranioSacral Therapist, Licensed Massage Therapist, Reiki Master

Reiki is amazing for reducing stress. Your Reiki therapist should be neutral during the Reiki session; only channeling the Universal Love to you. You should feel comfortable and safe with your Reiki therapist. Good luck to you in your journey to reducing stress.

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