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Has anyone tried a grounding mat?

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Shannon Wichlacz, PhD
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I sleep on a grounding mattress cover. I bought it over a year ago and it has benefited myself, my husband, and our two small dogs who sleep with us. My husband used to suffer from an elbow injury that he sustained 20 years ago and nothing ever seemed to help reduce the pain he felt. Then after only a month of sleeping on the mat, the pain in his elbow went away and he's has no problems since! I have also noticed that I do not wake-up with swollen hands anymore. Plus, my 16 year old dog who used to suffer from constant dental infections has not has the same problems since sleeping on the mat! Grounding nightly really does a fantastic job reducing chronic inflammation!

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I have tried the mats, the grounding sheets, and even portable grounding devices and have gotten tremendous results for myself and my clients. We need to discharge the positive ions we accumulate throughout the day and either you are getting your skin in or on the ground or on a tree, or you need to ground. It will help with overall immunity and endocrine balance to name a few things.

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Yep...and some other methods for grounding, too. Have read the history and theory for grounding our bodies and I'm giving it a go. Since it can be difficult to go barefoot on earth, I also started using some grounding shoes and found some decent looking ones at www.pluggz.com. There's a theory that the rubber soles used for today's shoes don't let us absorb the grounding ions through our feet and Pluggz shoes address that problem.

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