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Chronic Stress

What can I do to immediately relieve stress?

I notice that sometimes stress just builds and builds and builds (and builds). When I let it fester, it just gets worse. So I am looking for something I can do to take the edge off of that building stress.

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Joanna Zoe Christopher

I'm new to DaoCloud. I am a hypnotist, Reiki Master, and Qigong instructor. All of these are great for relieving stress and keeping it from building up. If you are still looking for ways to keep the edge off, I'd love it if you contacted me or just come to my Qigong class on Thursday evenings at 7 PM at 168 Robinson Street, the former rectory of the former Ascension Church. Your first class is free! Qigong is energy work, consisting of gentle and easy movements that activate acupoints on the body - acupuncture without the needles. My students also find that it clears their minds, and we deliberately release stress and negative emotions from our bodies and our minds. I'll add an article on this topic soon as well. I hope you are feeling better!

Andrew Fritz
Bring your mind, body & soul into balance with the exclusive self-care offerings of Cindrew Sanctuary.

You’ve received a number of helpful responses to your question about stress relief and I realize I’m late jumping into this discussion. However, I’m wondering if you’ve ever considered trying Reiki treatments?

Reiki is a gentle, hands-on energy healing modality that is quite effective in relieving the uncomfortable feelings that long-term stress leaves in the body, as well as the pysche. Treatments from a skilled practitioner can also help you to release many of the underlying drivers of stress that exist within you. Basically, you’ll have an opportunity to regain balance and re-energize your ability to effectively deal with the everyday/life stressors that will always be in our fast-paced world.

Perhaps serendipity working here, but my practice is located right here in South Salem. Please feel free to reach out anytime if you wish to discuss further or set up a session! Take good care...

Sharon Sanborn, MA, LMHC, ATR-BC, CHT

My answer is yes, Christa. I have read about and experienced when "oversleeping" more than our normal amount of sleep or more than our bodies actually needs reduces our "Sleep Drive". Low sleep-drive due to excessive sleeping leads to pure quality (shallower, less deep, less renewing and restful) sleep. Solution? 1) decide what is your best "sleep window", meaning how much sleep on a regular basis is good for you (we are unique and some people do better with 7 or 8 hours or more and some people do well on less sleep), 2) sleep this amount and wake yourself up when this period of time is over (although an occasional sleep-in late is great if you feel the need and enjoy it, 3) stick to regular bedtime and wake-up times daily if at all possible. Sleep is a very important part of physical and mental health. Keep in mind sleep is different from rest or relaxation and we need both. All the best SLEEP and RELAXATION to you!

Laura Malfa
I have had a practice doing Energy Healing for 25 years and I am shifting my focus to spiritual teaching, mentoring and writing.

Hi There One of my new favorite things to do when I start feeling stressed is to lie on the floor and put my legs up the wall. Do this with some deep breathing and your will notice an instant reduction in stress and anxiety. Ideally the out breath should be longer than the in breath to induce the bodies relaxation response. Truly amazing and quick.I also agree with the comment below about adding some additional Magnesium into your diet it can be very calming. Be well

Linda K. Bradak L.M.T., CST-D

Another approach beyond that cleansing breath of inspiration is to go within and ask yourself, "What resource do I need to support me in the moment?" and allow that reply to come to you. Then imagine placing it before you, behind you, above you, below you, to the right of you, to the left of you, within you and all around you. Visualize whatever resource is appropriate in all these places. Breathe it in. FEEL it. As you continue to do this in moments of stress, you'll see that the specific resources you need WILL show up for you, and you can make them your own.

Linda K. Bradak L.M.T., CST-D

I'd suggest that as soon as you notice you feel stressed, take a big BREATH. As you bring that fresh air in, allow it to expand you. As you breathe the old air out, imagine it is taking with it whatever is bothering you at the moment. Remember that the medical term for the inbreath is "inspiration," the outbreath "expiration." Let the very act of breathing IN inspire you.

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