Reiki… a Toolbox of Wellness in your Hands.
Reiki is a profound tool for use in self-care. In fact, most Reiki practitioners who have studied Reiki healing practice some form of Self-Reiki on a daily basis. One beautiful aspect of Reiki is that once you take a Reiki class, you have the knowledge and use of it for life. It is always there for you, a toolbox of wellness in your hands.
A woman practicing Reiki for Self Care
Often, a person may have sought out Reiki for healing benefits. You may have heard about it from your physician or medical provider. You may have heard great results friends or family. Or you may have heard about it in the news, such as on the Dr. Oz show.
Reiki Works!
Reiki has gained in popularity over the last decades because – it works! Often people who have had the good fortune of receiving a Reiki session or series of Reiki sessions desire to take a Reiki One class, or First Degree Level Reiki.
After taking Reiki 1, you have a beginning set of tools that you can use at anytime, anywhere for your benefit in self-care.
Five minutes of Reiki a day can provide a calming, lasting benefit.
Like meditation, Reiki calms and centers you. In addition, Reiki also energizes and provides clarity of mind as well. This is because it works energetically to both provide relaxation and to strengthen and assist your body’s energy pathways to function optimally.
Reiki for Self Care: Practical, Everyday Applications
Some practical application of Self-Reiki include: preparing yourself for the day, using Reiki for calm in traffic, ten minutes of Reiki for added calm before you go to sleep, five minutes before a meeting or presentation, five minutes of Reiki before calming and assisting others, and an infinite array of situations.
You may use Reiki in preparing meals, gardening, with your pets and family too. But always remember that self-care is important to keep you at your best, so a few minutes of self-Reiki a day can do wonders.
In Reiki Self-Care you may use Reiki for Personal Growth, Healing and Wellness.