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What happens if I don’t “feel anything” after a Reiki session?

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"What's really important about shamanism is that there is another reality that you can personally discover...we are not alone." — Michael Harner www.shamansmuse.com

It's common not to feel anything. Everyone has different levels of sensitivity. Just because you didn't feel anything does not mean nothing is happening. Often times, energetic healing is very subtle, we integrate the work in different ways. And, often times, what we want isn't what we need. Reiki energy can be directed to certain areas but what you need may be what the universal life energy may be directed to. Check in with yourself a week later, a month later, you may be surprised at what you notice.

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Clients will experience a wide range of things during and after a Reiki session. They can experience hot or cold sensations, tingling, literal energy movement, lightness, heaviness, emotions rising or falling away, thoughts calming, sleepiness or even nothing. If you are one of those that feel nothing, don't dismay. It doesn't mean the Reiki didn't work! There are likely some things that would benefit you if you shifted them in your life. Usually, these people that weren't aware of a difference in feeling have been imbalanced for a while. A Reading/Coaching session can help to find where to re-align things in your life and regular Reiki sessions will help you to begin to "feel it"! I have clients that felt a lot in one session, and I have clients that had the "nothing" experience for several months and then they started seeing colors, feeling lighter, and a variety of other pleasant sensations. Everyone is different!

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Spiritual energy is powerful. If you do not feel anything after one or two sessions, it's probably because the practitioner's work. How long has it been? Have emotions come up for you? Do you feel clearer? Lighter? Foggier? Pain? Diminished pain?

It is very important to ask your practitioner before a session-
1. Where are they channeling the energy from?
2. What are their goals?
3. Where did they learn these practices?

Every practitioner works on a different plane of consciousness, therefore some practitioners are way more powerful than others based on their level of Soul initiations, consciousness and practices in this life.

Even if a practitioner is working on your etheric layers, you will feel it in the physical consciousness. This is the laws of physics and goes back to spiritual scientific teachings.

Danielle Goralnik
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That is very normal and not everyone will have the same reaction. This universal energy that is channeled through your practitioner is working on both physical and spiritual planes, it is not linear, so even though you don't physical feel it doesn't mean it isn't working. Energy healing is also cumulative so it can take multiple sessions for the energy to release/open any blocks. Each session is specialized to each individual's needs, so each reaction during and after will be different. I hope this helps! :)

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Sounds like it didn't work. From my experience the patient should feel lighter. Perhaps try another provider or modality.

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There are some people who don’t feel an immediate change after a Reiki session, and
it’s nothing to worry about. It doesn't mean that it hasn't “worked,” just that it's taking
longer for energy to settle in. Ideally, you want to give yourself a little space after a
session to let it integrate: take this time to drink some water, stretch, walk, or nap if you want. Often people notice that they feel better later on in the day, or when they wake the next morning.

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