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What is the difference between Reiki Healing and intuitive energy healing ?

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El Vineiz-Cox
I integrate body work and energy medicine to facilitate increased wellness on a "whole-istic" level. When mind, body, and spirit are engaged in healing, results are more far-reaching.

Reiki is a subset of energy work, involving the channeling of Reiki, or Universal Energy. Being Reiki-attuned means you have taken steps to channel this specific energy in healing. Reiki is intelligent and only does what is good for the person. Intuitive healing uses the intuition to direct energy, also with the intention of promoting the highest good of the client. This is a more broad term. Often, the tools used are ones that the individual practitioner has developed in order to deal with certain issues. For example, I would use my energetic toolbox and intentions to remove an energetic weapon and dispose of it, and also channel Reiki to heal and fill the area with good energy and seal the aura. No two practitioners are the same, although many use similar tools.

Health through companionate touch.

The difference has to do with the practitioner. Most Reiki practitioners are using source energy or Devine energy that flows through them and into the client for healing in the four bodies. The four bodies are mental, physical, emotional and spiritual. This energy source is what we call intelligent energy as it is from source itself and knows what is most needed. Whereas intuitive energy healing is more directed by the practitioner to a VERY specific goal or outcome.

Caroline Greene
I bring a holistic approach to my sessions and meet you where you are in the present. I help you shed light on your past and illuminate your present to make empowered decisions in your future.

It is important to ask your energy healer where they are channeling energy from. Use your discernment and ask questions. Reiki is an energy channeled from a specific density. Intuitive energy healing tends to be Source guided healing, but every practitioner channels energy based off their level of consciousness, Soul's wisdom, knowledge and training.

Both are used to heal the energy body, but again ask your practitioner because so many healers do not know where they are channeling from. Every healer works on different levels of your aura as well. Some only work on the physical and etheric layers (physical body healing, emotional and mental bodies) , while others move into your higher templates and start to do past life healing and energy surgeries. Your energetic body is sacred.

You have chakras on every layer of your energetic field too, so ask which layers your healer works on to get a better idea of the work they will be doing!

Tasha Love, C.Ht
I alleviate stress, break barriers and get you to where you want to be.

Intuitive Energy healing is very similar to Reiki as you scan and channel energy to relax and release pain from the body. Intuitive energy healing is more specific to emotional issues, removing blocks, and cutting cords causing the physical disease or ailment. Also intuitive energy works with chakras and your Aura.

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