Do you get headaches? Seasonally, weekly, daily, or they never goes  
away? Our bodies are always being challenged by stress and  
environmental conditions. Under these circumstances the body starts to  
go into fight or flight, reducing movement availability throughout the  
body, and increasing congestion. Massage supports movement in the body by increasing blood flow and 
circulation. When the body receives more blood flow and circulation,the body can more easily access its parasympathetic state, calming the nervous system.
Most of us are spending a lot more time looking at screens.  This can put more stress on the eyes, increasing head tension. 
Here are some techniques you can practice daily to reduce head tension:
1. Massage the skull with fingertips, using light pressure and gentle  
circular motion.
2. Gently press on the forehead from the center to the outer hairline. Start  
at the hairline and go down to the eye socket.
3. Using your thumbs, find the meaty muscle (masseter muscle), where the  
upper and lower jaws meet. Gently massage the muscle in a circular  
motion. Take breaks to move the jaw around.
4. Gently tug the ears.
5. Gently massage the hand where the thumb and the index finger meet.
6. Gently squeeze the back of the neck.

Enjoy and share with your friends!