Having a plan is a necessity and I encourage those I work with to adopt the same mindset!  It's the ultimate way to remain excited about life and focused on where we are now and where we should be headed.  It's also the philosophy I've personally adopted so that I can always have a blueprint or compass that moves me forward.

Last week, while driving my son to school, I shared my viewpoints on this topic with him along with proposing a self-check concerning his young life. 

He’s 8 years old and I introduced him to the concept of vision boards last year. He made his very own by identifying things he wanted to accomplish in 2019.  I shared that it's time to review what he’s accomplished and begin to work on new boards for 2020. We should never wait until 1/1  to think about what we want to do in the new year. The time to plan is NOW!

I shared with him the quote above and he had an “AH HA” moment! He said, "Mommy, that’s so good! I don’t want to fail so I’ll plan!" It was so cute! He doesn’t even understand that some adults struggle to operate and stick to this very important life principle. I shall train him early, so that when he grows older, he may be more successful in functioning in the same manner.

Having mental wellness everyday must be embraced with distinct intentions. You MUST have a plan or you WILL FAIL!

FAIL to keep those adverse thoughts that regularly and automatically drop into your mind at bay.

FAIL to know when to stop entertaining negative voices.

FAIL to avoid unproductive distractions.

FAIL to utilize the appropriate tools to get your disposition back on course.

FAIL to have the kind of day, mind and experience you are so deserving of.

We have more control over our minds and what drops into it then we even realize!  With a deliberate plan, we can reduce harmful, time robing, and damaging mental experiences every single day!


Be Real, Stay Bold and Tell the TRUTH!


Chanel Walker Bailey

Certified Life Coach

Founder of RealBoldTruth Ministries L.L.C.