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What are some ways to help replace the gap often left in the life of a recovering addict?

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Dr. Paul Finucan D C
Our goal is to provide an integrated alternative approach focused on the health and well being of our patients.

Everyone will have their own ideas and beliefs, but as you may have seen many programs that have helped recommend looking to God to fill the void. I believe Jesus is the answer, read the Book The case for Christ , the author was an atheist but did he research and found his answer.

LeLa Becker

Learning to like/love yourself again. I find that journaling helps. I have a great program called Mind over What Matters that delves into such issues. Also really taking every day as it comes. Releasing yourself from your thoughts and thinking just 2 things. "I am breathing in." and "I am breathing out".

Just what you need for you!

Filling the inner void is most important. From my experience Journey method work is very effective.

Dessi Issaeva

Highly recommend addressing emotions both of the primitive and more complex kind (reptilian brain for the first and frontal lobe for the second).
Finding a purpose (for all of us have one in this life-time) is a huge one. We are all addicts of one kind or another as we attempt to fill gaps that the current system and culture opens in us.

Ali Ambrose

Trusting in something greater than oneself. 12 Step Programs. Being in nature. Meditation. Yoga. There are many different options for people.

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