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What can I do on the weekends instead of drink?

I haven't drank alcohol in almost two weeks, and I am feeling really good, but I need something to entertain myself on the weekends. Preferably with friends, but without any mind-altering substances.

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Jennifer Joy Butler
I am a love & relationship coach who helps women awaken their internal power to create happy and healthy relationships.

Make a list of the types of activities that bring you enjoyment. You can even think back to when you were a child and the types of things you liked to do. Getting outside to hike or run, making a date to take a class with a friend, volunteering in some way and being of service to others. I suggest making that list so when you are in the moment and your mind goes blank, you can refer to the list and make plans.

April Ricchio

Hiking, kayaking, Board games, art, museums, zoo, volunteering, wellness activities and events, cooking, etc... Perhaps amongst your group of friends you create a bucket list of sorts and each weekend or time you get together plan your next item to cross off.

Haywood Simmons, Jr.
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Spend time with others that bring a mutual joy.

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