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Can hypnotherapy help treat an addiction to alcohol?

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Daniel Maresca, Clinical Hypnotherapist
Whether your issue is physical, behavioral or emotional the power of your mind can transform you in 5 sessions or less. I'll guide you to use your deep inner mind to make the change you desire!

In my practice I require a referral from an allied health professional for any diagnosed condition, including diagnosed alcoholism...

That being said, while there is a physiological component to it, all behaviors have underlying emotions, beliefs, initial sensitizing events and interpersonal relationships which can be addressed effectively in the hypnotic state. And quite honestly the mind has great power over the physical body and so symptoms of detoxification/withdrawal can also be supported with hypnotherapy. Think of it this way, if we can use hypnosis to numb the entire body for invasive surgery (we can) then we can abate symptoms of withdrawal for as long as needed.

Alcohol may be the outward expression or behavior but what are at the core of any unwanted behavior are underlying beliefs and relationships with unmet needs. In my practice I work to resolve these underlying causes so that the behavior becomes unnecessary from the new place of positive beliefs. So in short, yes hypnotherapy utilized properly can help resolve alcohol addition (or any other addiction)

Clinical Hypnotherapist, Physical Therapist, Certified Zero Balancing practitioner

The short answer is I can help people who have occasional alcohol problems like binge drinking or have a habit like everyday when they get home from work they have a drink but don't drink on days off or someone who only drinks on days off but not on workdays. The person that needs to be medically monitored and treated is the person who drinks everyday and "can't" go a day without drinking, especially having physical symptoms if they go without alcohol.

Masters Level Hypnotherapist and Rapid Transformational Therapist

Absolutely. Addictions to alcohol, sugar, and food is one of the main conditions I treat using hypnosis and Rapid Transformational Therapy. Hypnosis allows us to access the subconscious mind to go to the root of the addiction to alcohol. To find out when, where, why, and how your mind acquired and created this addiction then you can be free from it. Hypnotherapy can be used to stop drinking all together or to simply drink in moderation and on occasion. Many of my clients have had massive success in using RTT (which utilizes hypnosis) to make powerful changes in how much alcohol they consume.

Susan Bare
I help you, heal you.

I think it can help and meditation is also very effective. The B.E.S.T. process I do has just been accepted as a way to combat addiction, which is what alcohol is.

Clinical Hypnotherapist, Physical Therapist, Certified Zero Balancing practitioner

Because of the physiological effects of alcohol withdrawal I recommend that people contacting me for help first be under medical supervision. I will work directly with other forms of addition.

Angel Moon

I'm not a hypnotherapist (sorry, know that doesn't seem helpful!), so I can't answer from that, although I can say that hypnotherapy can be powerful in combating many addictions. My answer, however, is being offered up because alcoholism isn't just a habit-addiction, it's an actual physiological addiction with real-world physiological reactions to quitting it.

I'm actually answering to bring awareness of Naltrexone to you ( In short, in combination with other therapies, this can be a very powerful tool that helps people overcome alcoholism -- and many other -isms -- and it does so in a way that doesn't promote withdrawal symptoms. I don't even want to consider why it's not more well-known ... but hey, now ya know, right? Much luck!

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