NeurOptimal® neurofeedback is a gentle, non-invasive passive neurofeedback training. It is not diagnosis-driven, nor does it seek to impose specific changes to brainwaves. What it does is detect a less optimal brain wave pattern, or "wobble"indicating that the brain is entering a phase-state in which it is talking and reacting more to its own reactions over actual physiological and environmental stimuli. When it's detected, NeurOptimal® gives a signal to the central nervous system. It holds a mirror up to the CNS, giving it the opportunity to phase-shift toward reacting to the present. The technology and algorithm that drives NeurOptimal® is complex, but when you use the technology, it's suprisingly simple.

What you can expect

On your first visit to Peak Training Center, we will talk for a while about your goals and expectations for your neurofeedback experience, review your symptom checklist and ensure that your questions are answered. Usually, this is about half an hour.

Then, we will help you settle into a comfy recliner and start placing the sensors on your head - 5 in total. We ensure a good signal by placing the sensors in the correct spot and using a special paste that helps the signals be heard. We will also make sure that the z-amp (a small box that connects the sensors to the tablet) is either secured to your shirt or close by you.

Sensors merely listen brainwave activity, and never will it shock you, put electricity in to your head. Its safe and painless.

Once the sensors are in place, we start the program, on our surface tablet, and give you headphones to hear the music or sound. Speaking of sound, you have the option of using the relaxing music specifically composed for NeurOptimal® or watch a movie.

When you begin to listen or watch, you will soon notice that the sound "skips". This is not a glitch in the recording - this is the prompt that gives your CNS a chance to get into the present. At first, it may seem slightly jarring or cause you to become concerned that there is a problem. Rest assured, this means that you are getting the feedback!

After a few minutes, you may notice the "skip" less, and you may even become drowsy. Its ok - this is passive neurofeedback, so your conscious attention isn't required for the brain training to be effective.

The session will continue for 33 minutes, and your trainer will check in on you once or twice to make sure that the sensors have remained in place. At the end of your session, your trainer will detach the sensors, clean up the paste and you're on your way! Most clients feel rested and refocused after a session, but it is normal to feel slightly sleepy. This feeling usually passes quickly.


Your trainer will offer you a small snack and water, and schedule your next session.

It couldn't be easier!