Can hypnotherapy help with ADHD? This is a question that is often asked by parents of children who have recently been diagnosed with ADD/ADHD. It is also pondered by adults living with ADD/ADHD. Why? Maybe they do not like the side effects of medications used for treating the symptoms of ADD/ADHD. Maybe they are in search of holistic and natural treatment options for ADD/ADHD and want to know if hypnotherapy is an option.

In this article, we are going to be exploring the answer to whether or not hypnotherapy is helpful for ADD/ADHD and if so, how it works for ADD/ADHD.

How Hypnotherapy Works for ADD/ADHD

According to this one study, hypnotherapy works for ADD/ADHD in four different ways:

  1. Sense of control: Hypnotherapy aids those living with ADD/ADHD to experience a greater sense of control over their actions, thoughts, and choices.

  2. Increase self-esteem: As hypnotherapy provides a greater sense of control, self-esteem is also increased. The two work together: the more control I sense to have over my ADD/ADHD symptoms, the more I can feel good about who I am. This provides a boost in self-esteem and self-worth.

  3. Greater feelings of competence: Competence and a greater feeling of competence may lead to a person with ADD/ADHD having a desire to try new things, or children in schools put in more effort in their academics or adults increasing their efforts at work. Why? The more competent a person feels not only in managing the symptoms of a health condition like ADD/ADHD, the more they may also feel competent about other aspects of life.

  4. Reduced stress: Being a child with ADD/ADHD can be stressful. Teachers often have color systems with green, yellow, and red ranges for behavior. And symptoms of ADD/ADHD do not usually aide such children with staying in the green area for what is seen as good classroom behavior. Likewise, adults with ADD/ADHD in the workforce may experience added stress from managing their ADD/ADHD symptoms and meeting the needs of their profession. Hypnotherapy may reduce the level of stress experienced because of such reasons.

3 Reasons why Hypnotherapy can be Particularly Helpful for Children with ADD/ADHD

There are three distinct reasons why hypnotherapy is particularly helpful for children according to the study:

  1. Suggestion: Children may have a higher level of hypnotizability rate and have an easier time accepting a suggestion when in a hypnotherapy session.

  2. Imagination: Children have an innate sense of imagination. Their imagination acts as a gateway and bridge between the two aspects of a child's personal world of imagination and the change that can be experienced through hypnotherapy.

  3. Developmental age: Understanding a child's developmental age and having a hypnotherapist who has experience with children may also be helpful. In addition, some hypnotherapists offer discounts to children. For a complete overview of what hypnotherapy costs read: How Much Does Hypnotherapy Cost?

Sleep Challenges Associated with ADD/ADHD and Hypnotherapy

Did you know that estimated 25-50% of children and adolescents who live with ADD/ADHD experience challenges with sleeping?

In this one study, it was found that there are X sleeping challenges associated with those who live with ADD/ADHD -0 especially children and young adults:

  1. Sleepiness

  2. Sleep-disordered breathing

  3. Problematic behaviors at bedtime

  4. During the night and upon awakening

  5. Night-to-night sleep duration variability

Hypnotherapy can help with such sleep challenges associated with ADD/ADHD. For information on how hypnotherapy can work for sleep difficulties read: Hypnotherapy for Sleep

Self-Hypnosis and ADD/ADHD

Self-hypnosis for ADD/ADHD can play a very important role in helping people living with ADD/ADHD manage their symptoms. Why is it important? Because although hypnotherapy sessions with a certified hypnotherapist is always a good idea, a child with ADD/ADHD or an adult with ADHD does not have the ability to call on their hypnotherapist whenever they need to or would like to experience the benefits of hypnotherapy.

This is where self-hypnosis comes into play. When you learn self-hypnosis you grow your skill set to maneuver symptoms of ADD/ADHD. When seeking the best way to utilize hypnotherapy for ADD/ADHD, there are two questions you should ask and confirm with your hypnotherapist:

  1. Background: Does your hypnotherapist have a background and an understanding of ADD/ADHD?

  1. Teach: Does your hypnotherapist teach self-hypnosis for ADD/ADHD as a part of hypnotherapy sessions?

Why does asking these two questions promote successful self-hypnosis? Because these two questions increase the chances that the hypnotherapist you are using can write hypnotherapy scripts specifically to your needs for ADD/ADHD; as well as, be best prepared at growing your ability to manage ADD/ADHD symptoms outside of hypnotherapy sessions or when hypnotherapy treatment has come to an end.

5 Types of Self-hypnosis Scripts that may Help with ADD/ADHD

Here are five types of self-hypnosis scripts that may Help with symptoms of ADD/ADHD:

  1. Relaxation

  2. Focus

  3. Concentration

  4. Self-control

  5. Balancing energy

Books, Apps, and CDs on Hypnotherapy for ADD/ADHD

Here are a few books, apps, and CDs on hypnotherapy for ADD/ADHD:

  • ADHD ADD Attention Deficit (Hyperactivity) Disorder, Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy CD by Rachael Eccles

  • Mastering Attention Deficit Disorder (Adhd) Hypnosis Focused Concentration & Energy Balance With Binaural Beats by Anna Thompson (Mp3 and available with Amazon Music Unlimited)

  • Master ADHD, Focused Concentration & Energy Balance: Sleep Learning, Hypnosis, Relaxation, Meditation & Affirmations by Jupiter Productions (audiobook or Kindle format)

YouTube Videos: Hypnotherapy for ADD/ADHD

Here are two YouTube videos for hypnotherapy and breast cancer:

  • Overcome Add and Adhd: Platinum Self-Hypnosis By Steven G. Thomas

Complementary and Holistic Approaches to Supporting ADD/ADHD

Outside of hypnotherapy, there are many other ways to treat ADD/ADHD with holistic approaches. From diet, essential oils, and vitamins - for an overview of these holistic treatments for ADD/ADHD and more, read: ADD / ADHD - Definition, Symptoms, Natural Treatments.

More Information

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