Hypnosis is a tool which allows the mind to focus. All hypnosis is self-hypnosis and the hypnotist cannot make the client reveal secrets, lose control or do anything against their will. The only reason people bark like dogs in hypnotism stage shows is because they have chosen to go along with it. In a hypnosis session, the mind focuses to a narrow point---the way a magnifying glass intensifies the sun’s rays. You’re not unconscious but fully awake in a heightened state of concentration. If the building caught on fire, you would still respond and take care of yourself and others. This heightened state of concentration allows the suggestions for change to be embedded into the subconscious mind, which then easily manifests the new behaviors and thinking patterns Ericksonian Hypnotherapy is a powerful modality I use in my sessions. Milton Erickson is considered the father of modern hypnotherapy. He is often referred to as the greatest therapist who ever lived. Traditional hypnotherapy uses direct language like “You are getting drowsy. You will quit smoking.” In contrast, Ericksonian Hypnosis uses indirect suggestions. It weaves them into stories and metaphors so they are not recognized by the conscious mind and, therefore, are harder to resist. “Perhaps your eyes will grow tired as you listen to this story and you will want to close them, because people can, you know, experience a pleasant, deepening sense of comfort as they allow their eyes to close, and they relax deeply” Kira Davidson is a Doctor of Clinical Hypnotherapy who has helped thousands of people to stop smoking and lose weight with hypnotherapy. It is also effective with depression, recovery from abuse, eliminating habits, achieving goals, improving self esteem, healing inner child hurts, ending insomnia, increasing confidence and creativity, test performance and increasing productivity. You can contact her at 404 982-6369 or email her at [email protected].