I HAVE ALWAYS TALKED TO MY SPIRIT GUIDES and asked them for symbols and numbers when trying to get my attention for important information on my path. We all have guides, several actually, and their job is to help us complete the chosen path of learning we can down to incarnate into in our present life.

     This week, I received a very clear message from nature. Using animals, reptiles, and birds is an easy way to move energy for the advanced beings that are our guides. As I was running with Toby on one day, right in front of us a snake slithered across the walk path. I saw this one earlier in the week and made a note of it.

     A few days later, as we were running again, I almost stepped on the same kind of snake in the same general area of our run. It is an open field with wildflowers, lots of cover for the snakes, with a stream at the bottom of the field. Perfect for snake life. I don't know how this snake avoided our feet and paws. But it was meant to wake me up not kill the snake. A little miracle, indeed.

    Then, Wednesday this week, I had a client in my private office at my home doing a past life regression session. I took her out to see our waterfall and see the Koi fish in our back yard. As we were looking at the pond, we glanced over to see Bernie lying on the rocks around the water. Now Bernie is short for Bernadette, our resident snake. She protects the pond and gets along nicely with the fish. She usually just slithers down to the water, gets a drink and slithers back. But she was definitely sun bathing. She looked at us and had no intention of leaving. Another sign of something unusual in the behavior of a snake. Snakes are pretty private and do not want to be seen.

     So here is the lesson. When an animal, reptile, bird, or even an insect does something out of the normal, then you know its a message for you. I have two wonderful books I refer to to understand the meanings of the animals and their behaviors, "Animal Spirit Guides," by Steven D. Farmer, Ph.D. and "Animal Speak" by Ted Andrews.

     "Animal Speak" says that snakes are symbols of change and healing. Because snakes are swift, these changes will occur quicky and are soon recognized and defined. "Spirit Guides" defines the showing up of a snake in your life as the time when you are about to go through some significant personal changes, so intense and dramatic that an old self will metaphorically die as a new self emerges.

     The funny thing about snakes for me is that I really "like" snakes. I always have. That is why when we saw Bernie in our yard, we named her and decided her sex right away. She seemed to accept our friendship. 

     In my Oracle cards, Gilded Reverie, Lenormand, the snake card means someone is coming into your life that will betray you. However, I tell my guides to make it mean you have magical power around you when I get the card in a spread. That is what the Egyptians thought of the snake symbol, magical wisdom. So, therefore, I look forward to connecting to the snake kingdom.

     I do see my life changing as I age. My business is better than ever, but I do see that I am taking time to "smell the roses". Literally, I spend time in the back yard smelling and trimming the flowers almost everyday. I look forward to backyard cookouts and the other simple pleasures of "being alive." That, as my friends know, is a big change for me. In my younger years, I would have been called a workaholic.

     So, for me, my guides are saying, its ok, and enjoy the ride to change!

     Before, I end, I want to tell you a little about numbers. The numbers are an easy way for the guides to give you a heads up. With all the focus on using the internet and smart phone, numbers are a piece of cake for spirit guides. Repeat a number, anytime, they say. Let us give you 11:11 on your digital clock all week long. That 11:11 means to stay positive because all your thoughts are starting to manifest and they only want the best for your outcome.

     I have always asked my guides to give me dollars signs for numbers. So if I go into Target, King Soopers, or Walmart, and my ticket is an even sales total, like $24.00, $13.00 or even $8.88, I look up the number. It is always dead on with what is going on in my life. Be sure to refer to Doreen Virture's book, "Angel Numbers 101." It will tell you of the meanings of numbers one through 999. Or you can google her and look at her "meanings for numbers".

      I so trust the messages from our guides that I once made a major lifestyle move based on butterflies. I was in Sarasota, Florida and asking my guides if I should move to Crestone, Colorado, a small, spiritual mountain town. I ask them to show me the four colors of the Indian Nation, white, black, yellow, and red. If I were to see those colors soon that day, I would know the answer would be YES. Within a few hours, I saw several different types of butterflies, but the accumulation of the colors of them all were white, black, yellow and red. And I moved a few months later........

      Let me hear from you if you receive some important signs from the animal world. Just email me with your results, please. Next month is an important eclipse. August 21st with be an eclipse that can be seen in North America. Eclipses have the strength for change of three full moons! Be observant of the messages and you can be PREPARED!

Just remember to Lean in, breathe through the Turns and be Brave. Good Advice when Skiing, but it Applies to Much More....

 Love and light to you, Lee